5 key features of LG OLED TVs 2019

5 key novelties of LG OLED TVs 2019

OLED panel televisions have become the clearest choice for those seeking the best possible picture quality. And LG is the manufacturer that has had the most impact in this market, since it has been selling this type of television in Spain for 6 years. The Korean company manufactures its own panels, achieving the purest black and infinite contrast. However, year after year LG OLED TVs keep getting better .

The 2019 models arrive with a new version of the Alpha 9 processor that includes technology with integrated Deep Learning. This Artificial Intelligence technology optimizes both the image and the sound. In addition, the new models continue to be compatible with practically all HDR formats, maintain their commitment to Dolby Atmos sound and include webOS 4.5, a new version of one of the most complete Smart TV systems on the market. So, let's take a look at the 5 key features of LG OLED TVs for 2019 .

2nd Generation Alpha 9 Processor with Deep Learning

5 key novelties of LG OLED TVs 2019 processor

Last year, LG OLED TVs featured the Alpha 9 image processor. An Artificial Intelligence chip capable of achieving the best image quality. Now LG OLED TVs 2019 arrive with the second generation of this processor, which includes an Artificial Intelligence system based on Deep Learning .

Deep Learning is a set of algorithms (or instructions) used by some computers connected to each other, simulating a neural network. This allows them to be able to learn by themselves, optimizing their results, reducing processing time and obtaining better results every time.

Systems that use processes based on Deep Learning have to be “trained”. For example, in the case of a machine learning to play chess, the more games it plays, the higher its level. In the case of LG's Alpha Generation 2 processors, algorithms are used to process and enhance images and sounds from any source and resolution .

To achieve this, LG has prepared the algorithms that televisions include previously through a network of computers connected to each other. They have been "trained" by analyzing millions of images and sounds, both in low and high quality, so that they can process, improve and compare . After a long training, the algorithms obtained are much more precise than those that have been obtained "manually". Once created, they are dumped into the Alpha 9 Gen 2 processors.

Thanks to this new processor it has been possible to include the new AI Brightness . This function adjusts the brightness and contrast automatically in an intelligent way , depending on the lighting in the room and only in those areas of the image where it may be more difficult to see differences.

In addition, they include a Deep Learning algorithm specially designed to improve audio . It scales the sound in a natural and precise way, from a stereo source to a virtual multichannel mode. It also adjusts the equalization automatically depending on the content that is currently being played. The best audio is thus achieved in any situation.

Maximum coverage of HDR formats

5 Key New Features of LG 2019 HDR OLED TVs

Resolution, HDR formats and color spaces are video formats that define the quality of the content we are playing . The better the HDR format in which that content is recorded, the more color space and the higher resolution, the better quality we will see those images. But for this it is essential that our television is compatible with these formats, so that we can reproduce them in their highest quality.

Therefore, it is best to choose a television that can reproduce the maximum possible formats. LG 2019 OLED TVs support HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR Dolby Vision, and HDR Technicolor . Dolby Vision, a dynamic HDR system that offers the highest possible quality both in cinemas and now on televisions, stands out especially.

Easy, fast and secure Smart TV

5 Key New Features of LG 2019 Smart TV OLED TVs

LG 2019 OLED TVs feature webOS 4.5, one of the most complete Smart TV systems on the market . It is a very easy-to-use system that provides us with access to the applications most demanded by the vast majority of users.

Thanks to the Magic Remote Control we will be able to move through the menus and applications of the television using a pointer that appears on the screen. The remote is connected by Bluetooth, so we do not need direct vision, which facilitates access to all kinds of applications.

The system offers full customization and the ability to order our installed apps. In addition, it offers a complete application store to access more content and thus expand the multimedia experience.

Besides being complete, LG's Smart TV system is also safe. Believe it or not, TV operating systems can also be hacked. And it is that through a smart TV we can run all kinds of applications and surf the web. Therefore, they include private information. The webOS system has been certified by UL Cybersecurity as the most secure on the market after passing tests for vulnerabilities. In this way, subjecting LG software to attacks on its virtual networks and applications, it has been proven that it is the safest Smart TV system to protect the information and data of LG users.

Real Artificial Intelligence

5 Key New Features of LG 2019 IA OLED TVs

Last year LG released the ThinQ system, with which it provided its televisions with Real Artificial Intelligence. This year, of course, it remains in the new range of OLED televisions from LG.

Through this technology we can make the television the center of our smart home . Thus, we can control different devices from the TV through the Home Dashboard only with the voice, without the need for external hubs.

But not only that, LG's AI system integrates the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa . In addition, it incorporates an open platform intelligent system that makes the TV compatible with systems such as Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Airplay. Another novelty that it includes is the possibility of having a more fluid conversation with the television, since I understand the context of it.

Even more elegant new designs

5 key novelties of LG OLED TVs 2019 design

Although we are not going to see a radical change, the new LG OLED TVs 2019 do have some new features. For example, the LG OLED E9 sports a nice all-screen design with a small clear glass frame at the bottom . The kickstand is behind the TV, thus offering a fully centered front view on the screen.

The C series, one of LG's best-selling year after year, also slightly renews its design. The LG OLED C9 now sports a larger metal base, but with a more discreet design than last year's model. In addition, both models this year feature a cable manager to keep all connections neatly organized.

And if we prefer to place it on the wall, Gallery mode offers us the possibility of transforming our television into a work of art . We can choose from a large number of images and squares of all kinds.

In short, the new LG OLED TVs 2019 maintain all the characteristics of last year's models, but now have a much improved image processor and new designs . Very soon they will be able to be purchased in the usual stores.