AOC G2460PG, 24-inch 144Hz monitor and NVIDIA G-Sync


The AOC G2460PG monitor  is to become the ultimate tool for the most demanding gamers. After its attractive and elegant appearance, we find several technologies that are at the forefront of this type of monitors, such as the inclusion of NVIDIA G-Sync. This technology eliminates the annoying tearing effects (horizontal stripes that sometimes appear on the screen) by correctly synchronizing the GPU and the monitor itself. We also have a 144Hz refresh rate for smoother visuals even in games with the most movement and a response time of just 1 that our commands with the keyboard and the mouse arrive almost instantaneously to the game. And all this with a good set of connections such as several USB 3.0 ports and a DisplayPort . The AOC G2460PG monitor is priced at 500 euros.

This model advocates a screen size of 24 inches with a resolution Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . This LED-backlit panel offers us good viewing angles of up to 178 degrees horizontally and up to 170 degrees vertically. In addition, the images will appear very vivid thanks to its brightness of 350 nits , which is well above what is usual to find in traditional monitors. One of the most important aspects of this model is its NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It is a chip that is integrated into the monitor itself and that synchronizes the GPU with the computer so that the annoying effects of tearing do not occur, those horizontal stripes that appear from time to time due to poor synchronization and that we usually suffer above all in action games.


Another very useful feature is a 144Hz refresh rate . At this speed, the images appear much more fluid, something that can be seen in racing games or shooters in which there is a lot of movement. Without a doubt, an advantage so as not to miss any detail. It is also worth highlighting its response time of 1 millisecond , a feature that will make our orders arrive almost automatically on the screen. No more deaths in action games due to delays in response. These technologies are combined with the truly attractive and elegant design of the AOC G2460PG.This monitor nods to gamers with a nuclear green band in the lower area, but also sports a laminated pattern both on the front and on the back that give it a very elegant touch. When we use this model we can choose the perfect height (movement of up to 13 centimeters) and also rotate it up to 90 degrees to the left and right.

The AOC proposal is completed with a good set of connections. The G2460PG includes four USB 3.0 ports with transfer rates 10 times faster than traditional USB and the DisplayPort connector to enjoy its technologies. The AOC G2460PG can now be found on the market for a price of 500 euros.