Nokia buys Earthmine 3D mapping service

earthmine 01

Just as the users of the Android platform have a specialized and powerful map service, with those of Nokia it is practically the same. In fact, just a few days ago we heard the news that the Nokia Maps service was changing to Here . Well, in order to continue improving in this area, the Finnish company Nokia has already confirmed that it has just completed the acquisition of the company 3D Street-Level Earthmine , or what is the same, a service of maps in three dimensions baptized as Earthmine. The firm explained that with this purchase it is intended to strengthen its digital mapping services, since the entire team will join the unit that works in Nokia's location services and in its commercial division. Nokia has followed the established roadmap to the letter, since the completion of the term of this agreement was scheduled for the end of 2012 .

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To date, the most interesting offers that Nokia has on the table for 3D mapping are Google Earth and Google Street View , services very frequently renewed to offer users a quality service. With Google Earth the user has the opportunity to thoroughly explore every corner of the earth. With Google Street View we have the opportunity to see in images all the streets until we reach a place of interest, which helps us greatly to locate ourselves afterwards , when we are already on the ground. So practical is the service that it not only works for Nokia mobile phone users. Since last week, owners of an iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch have been able to download the Nokia Maps application for iOS (its operating system) from iTunes , the application and content store that the Apple company has open on the Internet . But how will Earthmine influence the improvement of this service?

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Well, at this point it is still unknown how these maps will improve. The only thing we know is that both companies are very happy with the purchase, so we will only have to wait a bit to wait for the best fruits. John Ristevski , co-CEO of the Earthmine company , announced that Nokia is a company with a strong presence and good vision in the field of cartography. Ristevski has literally stated that his company could not hope for a better place to fulfill and accelerate its mission to become a major firm in the world of 3D maps . For its part, Nokiahas posted on the official website to announce the acquisition of Earthmine Inc, as announced on November 13 . In this way, he says, Earthmine will become an integral part of the 3D maps that it offers so far, with the advantage that new processing technologies will be taken advantage of in order to offer the best maps in the world and new location experiences to across multiple screens and operating systems . The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed, as they are confidential.