How the AliExpress guarantee works with your shipments


AliExpress is one of the most popular Chinese online stores, due to its wide variety of products and the possibility of receiving them in any country in the world, among which is Spain. In addition, for some years, AliExpress has had a warehouse in Spain (AliExpress Plaza), so the delivery time is shortened if the product you are looking for is available in this section.

AliExpress promises a 2-year warranty on all its items, with the possibility of a return in 14 days if the item you ordered arrives in poor condition, is late or has a defect. A couple of years ago, the online store made a change in the return and refund policy to adapt to the regulations of our country. Previously, it was not required to offer two years, which led to some complaints and a lot of controversy. In any case, does the store now comply with the warranty and returns period? What is this exactly? We explain everything below.

AliExpress Buyer Protection

Currently, any AlieExpress seller is obliged to fulfill a two-year guarantee on any of the products sold in the online store. In addition, you have 14 working days from receipt of the order to return it, although this will require that it be in perfect condition and unused. Your purchase will be protected as long as the following requirements are met:

  • The item you have ordered is damaged, defective, or is very different from the one presented on the web when detailing the item. That is, it does not match what is stated in the description
  • Your order is slow to arrive for external reasons, not because of your error
  • The item you ordered returns to the seller due to customs duties
  • You have submitted a claim by opening a dispute and it has been accepted


Also, in the event that you do not receive your purchase within the estimated delivery time, which is a maximum of 60 days, AliExpress would have to offer you a full refund. Of course, as long as there are external factors that are not under your responsibility, for example that the shipment arrived at the wrong address and you would have put yours correctly.

It should be noted that there are sellers who participate in “AliExpress Guaranteed Genuine” to ensure that certain types of products are authentic. If the buyer proves that the item sold is counterfeit, the seller would have to reward the buyer by paying double the total amount paid by the buyer for the product (excluding shipping costs). You will identify this type of product because the stamp "Guaranteed authenticity, we refund the amount" appears next to them, or failing that, the seller will specify in the description that it is an original product.


How to make a claim on AliExpress

Some Internet forums have many complaints related to the AliExpress guarantee, including that many sellers do not meet the deadlines they promise or cause problems when it comes to returning some items. As in everything, it will depend a lot on personal experience , although you always have the option, if you are not happy, to file a claim.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is log into AliExpress and enter the "My Orders" section of the home page.


Before making a claim for AliExpress to come into play, you have to open a dispute with the seller. You can carry out this step from the "open dispute" option within the corresponding order . If during the 15 days of the dispute period you have not reached an agreement with the seller, that is when you have the possibility of AliExpress intervening.

Step 2

In this case, click now on "Escalate Dispute" in the order. AliExpress must reply to you within 3 days and give you a resolution to the problem. If you manage to win the dispute, you have the right to get your money back within a maximum time of 15 days. The income will be in the same account that you used for the payment. So, if you paid with a credit card or PayPal, it will get you there.

Use online chat

Another of the methods you have to make a claim, or if you have doubts about the guarantee, is to use the chat that AliExpress has enabled on its website. It is located within your orders at the bottom right of the page. An assistant named Eva will guide you so that you can ask your questions , either for not receiving your products, for not receiving the refund or because the product is not the same as the one that appeared in the description.


Basically the function of the assistant is to give you solutions without having to search for them yourself on the web.

Estimated delivery time to Spain

One of the biggest concerns of users, a reason for consultation in many forums, is what to do if the product does not arrive within the indicated period, that is, it takes more than 60 days (two months). As a general rule, shipments to Spain usually take between 20 and 40 days. You can always consult the order details in the My Orders section of AliExpress, since the sellers are informing about this process.

The most important thing is that the protection time is not exceeded (you will see it in the order details). If this happens, the order will be finalized automatically and the seller will receive the payment. In this way, when there are 10 days until the end of the protection period, request an extension and when 5 days remain, open the dispute. If the seller has a store in your country, something you can see in the product description, it will take about 3 or a maximum of 5 days to send you the order again.