What to do if we get scammed through Wallapop or Vibbo

What to do if we get scammed through Wallapop or Vibbo

The worst thing that can happen to us when we make a purchase is that we are ripped off. That we receive a product that was not specified, that a box with bricks arrives or that, simply, nothing arrives. That is why we will try to advise you on the steps to follow if we are scammed through any second-hand items application. If you want to avoid scams on Wallapop, read on.

Wallapop Scams: How to Avoid Them

Of course, the best thing you can do when shopping online is to avoid the scam. The user must assume their responsibility as a consumer, and not be fooled by siren songs. So here are some tips to avoid scams on Wallapop or Vibbo.

'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'

We slide our finger down. Mobile phones and tablets succeed each other. And we want to renew our terminal. We do not want a new one, the used smartphone market is wide and that is enough for us. Suddenly, the bargain of your life appears: for example, an iPhone 7 Plus for 300 euros. Everything seems correct, legitimate: the photos are authentic. You decide to buy it, of course. But a runrun in your head repeats: 'It's too good to be true.' And, indeed, it was not.

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If the offer seems too good, repeat and repeat again: the article is a hoax. Or an imitation. If I pay, surely, I will never know anything more about the money. So keep this as a dogma of faith. And we repeat it again: if an offer seems too good to be true, it surely is not . As our holy mothers would say: nobody gives hard pesetas.

Always look at the status of the seller

Each sales application has its guarantees so that everything remains within the law. One of them is to facilitate a voting system to try to unmask the scammers. If a store, or seller, has bad reviews, unfavorable opinions that point out that it is better not to do deals with it, listen to it. This also applies to recent sellers who have not yet scored. Keep in mind that you should never deal with sellers with low scores or who do not already have. As interesting as the offer may seem, it is better to take care of your health and play it safe.

Operations, always in hand and in highly frequented places

Under no circumstances do you ever make a transfer in a second-hand shopping application . Another very different thing is, for example, in a store like Amazon. But an individual is never given money in advance. And when you meet someone, do it in a place and at a time where they go to see people. You never know what can happen and it is better to be surrounded.

Check the condition of the item on site

Whenever possible, do not let the seller leave until we have verified that everything is working correctly and without problems. If an electronic product is being delivered to you and it is not charged, throw it away. You can already meet another day with him, ensuring that you can test the equipment, so that later there are no surprises.

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Okay, we've been scammed, now what?

The damage is done. They have stolen. We have run out of money, without product, and with a very bad body. These are the steps you must follow if you have suffered a complaint in Wallapop.

Report the user in the application

There is a chance that you will never see the money again. Especially if the amount is less than 400 euros, from which the theft constitutes a crime. However, you have the responsibility to alert the rest of the community that this seller is not to be trusted. Report it in the application itself and your account will be conveniently deactivated.

Save everything related to the transaction

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Screenshots can save your life. Or the savings. Save everything that has to do with your purchase: screenshots of chats with the scammer , his account, the products he sold ... In short, any material that can serve as evidence in a later trial.

Go to your nearest police station and file a complaint

Always, always, report these cases. Even if it is little money, it is your responsibility as a citizen, to prevent these cases from happening again. The police will be able to ask you for any material you have in your possession : bank transfer details, both yours and that of the fraudster, captures of the transaction ... Keep everything in order to facilitate the work of the security body.

The applications decline any responsibility

Applications such as Wallapop or Vibbo only act as intermediaries between the customer and the seller. Therefore, they decline any responsibility for scams and other crimes. Of course, this discharge does not exempt them from collaborating, at all times, with the security forces, providing any documentation they need . That is why we must reiterate the importance of screenshots.

Epilogue ... A review is never enough

Finally, nothing better than to review the most important points in summary, to prevent scams in Wallapop:

  • 'If it's too good to be true, it surely isn't . ' Over and over and over again: a surefire weapon to avoid scams.
  • Investigate the seller : look at the stars or rating he has, the opinions that have been expressed about him, his profile photo ... Any clue can be good!
  • Never give money up front. Amazon only charges you when the item has been shipped and this is how the transaction should work. If you can pay by Paypal, the risk is lower , but better to avoid it.
  • Make the transaction in person and always in high frequented places.