iPhone 6S, prices and rates with Movistar

iPhone 6s 01

Did you want to get the new iPhone 6s ? Well, calm down, the time has come. Most national carriers have already submitted their pricing plans for the new generation of Apple's most important device . If you are from Movistar and you plan to land in this operator, you may be interested in their offers. And although shipments have not started yet, reservations can now be made online. We explain ourselves. You have two models to choose from that are distinguished by capacity: 16GB or 32GB . You can also choose by colors. The model with the least memory is available in space gray, gold, rose gold and silver , while the 32 GB model is only available in gold and space gray.. But now let's look at the prices and the rate plans that Movistar wants to offer you. All the amounts that we indicate here include taxes (VAT 21%).

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The 16 GB iPhone 6s costs 750 euros , if you want to get it by paying what it costs in cash. If you want to get it from now on, you will have to access the pre-purchase form, indicating payment by card and agreeing to ship it for next October 9 , the date on which the device will become available in the Spanish market. But if you don't want to pay this amount in cash, don't worry. Movistar makes available to its customers the payment method in installments of 24 or 30 months , as long as you choose one of the Live or Fusion rates . This means that when choosing this option, you will have to pay 31.25 euros or 25 euros, depending on the number of months in which you decide to pay. If you prefer to get the iPhone 6s 64 GB the price will go up to 860 euros . If you make a payment in installments, the equipment will cost you 35.80 euros or 28.60 if you finally extend the payment to 30 months .

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The rates that Movistar makes available to you for this iPhone 6s are the ones you already know. If you only want one line of contract, you will have to opt for the so-called Vive, whose price is between 12 and 45 euros per month . Another interesting option is the Fusion plans , ideal for those who want to combine their consumption of fixed and mobile telephony and the Internet and who also want to enjoy television services. In this case, the prices can range between 47 and 77 euros per month .

The iPhone 6s that users can get with Movistar has 64 GB or 16 GB . All other features are shared: A 4.7 - inch screen and a resolution reaches 1334 x 750 pixels . It includes, as you know, the famous 3D Touch technology , capable of identifying the degree of pressure that the user exerts on the screen. It includes a 64-bit Apple A9 processor, capable of running up to 70% faster than the Apple A8 processor , and a 12-megapixel camera on the back and a 5- megapixel camera, on the front. It is prepared, among other things, to offer an autonomy of 10 hours in standby and 14 hours in use . You will find it in all available colors, except for the 64 GB version , which is only available in gold and space gray .