How to update your mobile with Windows Phone 8.1 to Lumia Denim

Nokia Lumia 930 01

Microsoft has just launched the Lumia Denim update for mobile phones that work with Windows Phone 8.1 and are located in Spain . The data package had already reached some markets, so for Lumia device owners this is an event first. Not in vain, in addition to adding some news and improvements, we are facing the arrival of Cortana , the voice assistant of this platform. All users who update will have access to this tool, but owners of the Lumia 930 , Lumia Icon will be able to enjoy activation through the command “Hey Cortana”and Lumia 1520 . To this feature we have to add the Live Tiles folders , the Glance Screen improvements and an important optimization of the operation of the browser and other processes on the computer.

If you have a Lumia in your hands, you can start the update now. It is possible, however, that if you have never done any you don't know where to start. To help you, we want to explain step by step how to install Lumia Denim on your device . You will see how easy it is. Let's go there!


Prepare your Microsoft Lumia for the update.

Before launching any update, you should prepare your device to avoid errors during the process. These could lead to fatal equipment errors.

1) The first thing you have to do is charge the device . It is best to be fully charged with energy, or at least up to 80% of its capacity . If you cannot charge it quickly and want to start the update as soon as possible, connect the phone to the electrical network. That way you shouldn't have any trouble upgrading to Lumia Denim .

2) Next, you will need to connect to a WiFi wireless network that can provide stability. This is important, because any disconnection during the installation process can be fatal to your computer. Also, keep in mind that the upgrade package is quite heavy. If you download through a WiFi network, you will avoid incurring a large expense on the amount of GB you have contracted with your operator.

3) Then and to finish this preparation process, we would recommend that you make a backup copy of all the content that interests you. Keep in mind that any process of this type is delicate and that, although it happens very little, your content could be damaged.

4) To make such a backup , go to the Home screen , swipe left and select Settings> Backup . You will see that the system asks you to log in to your Microsoft account (enter the access information or sign up ). Next, select how and what you want to backup (you can select settings, text messages, photos and videos).

Download and install the update.

With your Lumia device ready, you just have to launch the Lumia Denim update . You must do it as follows.

1) It is quite possible that in the last few hours you have received a notification that a critical update is available and that you should install it on your phone as soon as possible. Don't worry about Microsoft's way of telling you. It is important to update your device, but nothing happens if you do it later. Be that as it may, you must make sure that you are going to launch the update at a good time, when you do not have to make calls or receive messages. Not in vain, you will not be able to use your device for 20 or 30 minutes .

2) If you have received the notification , you can do two things. The first is to leave the update for another time to retrieve it later . The second, install it at that precise moment.

3) If you have not received any notification, you can also check yourself if the data package is already available. You can do this by accessing the Settings> Software updates section .

4) Once the update is retrieved, the system will start up. The download will start and the device will restart automatically. Be patient and follow the process proposed by Microsoft .

5) The screen will turn off and you will see a gear working , along with a bar that will mark how the update download progresses.

6) When this process is finished, the system will reboot several times . Don't worry, it's completely normal. All you have to do is wait and do not manipulate the phone at any time so that the process is not interrupted.

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Check that the process has completed correctly.

1) As we said, your Lumia will restart automatically. Ultimately, the system may very well ask you to enter your pin code . Type it and click OK .

2) The update to Lumia Denim will have already been installed on your device. You can check that you have the latest version available for Windows Phone 8.1 by accessing the Settings> Updates section .

3) To quickly check it, you can look at the phone's home screen. If you see a new icon for Cortana , the new assistant that comes with this data pack, you can be sure that your device is already working with Lumia Denim .