The best memes of the Oscars ceremony

The best memes of the Oscars ceremony 1

Last morning of February 27 (Spanish time) the 73rd Oscars ceremony took place . Never in a closed space do so many stars gather to be recognized and rewarded for the work done during the previous year. A year dominated by independent cinema, with films of genres that seemed forgotten, like the musical, and framed in a recently released presidency that has shaken the foundations of culture, turning it squarely against it.

A gala that will be remembered for the rest of time for the blunder made by Warren Beatty when reading the card corresponding to Best Film: without realizing it, he had in his hands the one for best actress, awarded to Emma Stone, by La La Land, the musical by Damien Chazelle. When the production team arrived on stage, everyone realized the mistake.

When it's your turn to be the bridesmaid

error at the oscars 2017

This is what happened to La La Land , which remained composed and without a prize after the error of reading the envelope that gave the winner's name. Poor Warren Beatty must still be scared and nervous. And this is a mistake that will be remembered forever when they broadcast the corresponding special "Anecdotes from the Oscars."

A full-fledged trolley


”” MrChristopherNolan (@MrChrisNolan) February 27, 2017

On Twitter, of course, they have also echoed this mess. Everything seemed part of a joke of doubtful taste and we would not have been surprised to see, on the card, something like what this user of the social network proposes.

The beautiful, live and direct

A really reasonable resemblance: Now that Disney has just released its live-action version of the 'Beauty and the Beast' classic , will steamy and pompous yellow dresses catch on? Hopefully so, and that spring is filled with color, that we are already tired of the gray summer. At the very least, Leslie Mann took it literally with the dress she chose to walk the red carpet.

On joue aux jeu des 7 différences? #Oscars

”” Melty (@melty_fr) February 26, 2017

And then came a muse of Hercules

Not only did Bella make an appearance on the red carpet. Many noticed the resemblance between Oscar winner Halle Berry and a supporting character from one of the craziest and funniest Disney classics: Hercules.

The muses of Hercules are already arriving on the red carpet of the #Oscars

”” Ghosting (@laoconte_) February 27, 2017

Racial issues

We return to the moment error, of course. And it is that in the United States the whites have privileges even when they make a mistake when reading the envelope of the winners. And if not, ask Warren Beatty. And the director of Moonlight, of course.

director of moonlight

This is called 'savoir-faire'

You have to give your best in all situations. When he gets up, he must be disheveled and scowling. In high school, scruffy and dark circles. But wait for the Oscars to arrive, the glamor is going to come out of my ears . And if not, look at the change ... Look.

When I go to class VS when I go out #Oscars

”” Sir Hathaway (@SirHathaway) February 26, 2017

La La Land ... Like life itselfla la land in real life

One of the most worked and witty memes we've seen. If you have seen La La Land you will understand it better. If not, you still have time to take a look at one of the best films of the year . They were promised happily by the Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling duo ... Until reality hit them with the door in their faces.