Seat Ateca, we tested the technology of Seat's midsize SUV

Seat Ateca, we test its technology

Today the Seat Ateca, a suv with a beautiful design and loaded with technology, arrives in our motor area . The Ateca is medium in size, situated between the Arona (smaller) and the Tarraco. It thus becomes an ideal car for families to travel comfortably and without space problems. In addition, being one of the newest Seat models, it has all the manufacturer's technology. We have from an almost 100% digital cockpit to an 8-inch central screen with Full Link connectivity. I have had the opportunity to spend a few days with this car and I am going to tell you what systems it includes, both for your enjoyment and to help us drive.

The model that Seat has lent us is equipped with a 2.0 150 hp diesel engine with 7-speed DSG automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. It is also about the Xcellence finish , the highest in the range along with the FR that has a slightly more sporty style.

Seat Ateca front technology test

We could say that the Seat Ateca has a somewhat more classic design than competitors like the Kia Sportage. This does not mean that it is less pretty or flashy, far from it. Loaned unit features Magnetic Brown paint, 19-inch black and silver combination wheels, Full LED headlights, leather upholstery and hands-free power-opening trunk . The latter has seemed a very useful extra, since it allows us to open the trunk when we are loaded without hands.

It has keyless opening and starting, as well as electrically adjustable and heated seats (for both driver and passenger). The Seat Ateca offers a spacious and comfortable driving position, with enough height to the ceiling . In addition, the central area is a little higher than usual, thus avoiding that the knee collides with the center console (something that usually happens to me in the vast majority of models).

Digital Cookpit and Full Link system

But let's get into the technological section. The Seat Ateca has the Digital Cookpit that the manufacturer has been using for some time for all its models. We could say that it is 99% digital, since the fuel and oil temperature gauges are analog.

Seat Ateca cookpit technology test

It incorporates a 10.2-inch screen that offers us multiple viewing options. From the steering wheel we can change the type of view we want to have, being able to even place the browser on full screen if we wish.

On the other hand, in the central part we have an 8-inch screen with Seat's Full Link system . The screen is tactile at any speed, although it also includes control buttons located on the sides to directly access most of the options. At a visual level it is very similar to that seen in the Volkswagen Arteon, with some very striking and colorful icons. The truth is that the system is very simple to handle, despite having many options.

Seat Ateca central screen technology test

From this screen we can access the radio, navigation, traffic information, the telephone, vehicle configuration and even the reproduction of images. In the vehicle settings section we have multiple configurations, including the ambient lighting system .

And if with Seat's own system we miss any option, we can resort to the Full Link system . This offers compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play and Mirror Link . To use it we will have to connect the mobile using a USB cable in the lower area of ​​the dashboard.

Seat Ateca charging base technology test

Precisely here we can include, optionally, a wireless charging base for the mobile . In this model it is more useful than in others that I have tried, since its size allows placing slightly larger mobiles. Two USB connections are included here, but we can also have another two on the back. So the whole family can charge the mobile at the same time.

Drive safe

We put aside the multimedia system to talk about the driving aids included in the Seat Ateca. First, the borrowed model has four-wheel drive, so it has several driving modes . From the central wheel we can change between Normal, Eco, Sport, Individual, Offroad and Snow.

That said, the first thing we will probably see when starting the car and getting going will be the signal recognition system . It detects road signs through cameras and displays them in the frame.

Seat Ateca technology test signal recognition

We also have the blind spot detection system . This alerts us if a car is approaching when we are going to change lanes. But it also makes the parking maneuver easier, since it stops the car if when we are leaving it detects that a car is going to cross from behind.

Another very interesting system, which helps us avoid scares, is the Front Assist with pedestrian protection . This detects the distance with the car in front and, if we do not react, it brakes automatically. In addition, the pedestrian protection detects if there are people crossing the street and brakes only if necessary.

We also have the involuntary lane departure assistant . This helps us not to deviate, warning us if we leave the lane without turning on the indicator. It is even capable of correcting the trajectory of the Seat Ateca.

Seat Ateca technology test parking aid

We even have a high beam assistant . It automatically switches from high beams to low beams, identifying cars in front of us or oncoming cars to make sure they don't dazzle.

And finally, we have two systems that I especially liked. The first is the Adaptive Cruise Control , which we have already seen in other models. Using a lever located on the left side of the steering wheel, we can set the maximum speed and the distance to the car in front. Once the system is activated, the car is responsible for accelerating and braking to maintain the marked distance. It is even capable of automatically stopping if it detects a traffic jam. I found it to be a very comfortable system for traveling, a first contact with semi-autonomous driving.

The second is the parking assistant . Through the 360-degree vision provided by its cameras, the car is able to practically park itself. We will have to help him a bit by shifting from reverse to forward, but the rest he does by himself.

Conclusions and price

test technology Seat Ateca prices

Gone are the times when to have “everything” you had to resort to premium brand models. Today you can have all the extras you want in almost any brand.

The Seat Ateca has seemed to me a very complete car . Although the design is something very personal, the truth is that it is a comfortable car for long trips with a contained size. It has a 510-liter boot and wide rear seats. In addition, it is equipped with the latest technology, with a configurable Digital Cookpit and a very complete central system.

Of course, many of the systems included in our test model are options or are only in the highest finishes. And is that Seat offers a wide variety of configuration options. We have a Seat Ateca available from 18,000 euros . However, we have configured the analyzed model and it amounts to 38,000 euros. As you can see, the price range is really wide.