Jaime Altozano, Schrödinger's cat and other youtubers with whom to learn

Jaime Altozano, Schrödinger's cat and other youtubers with whom to learn

Schrödinger's cat, Quantum Fracture, Jaime Altozano, Shauntrack, Superholly… all these youtubers have something in common and it is their desire for you to learn things, to cultivate your mind and to launch questions and answers with which to feed your brain. Each of them is a specialist in the field and they always try to bring what they are experts on to the general public. That is why his style is casual, close, and with a language that we can all understand.

Not everyone youtuber is based on practical jokes, live games and trolling or salseo, as controversies are known in the YouTube world. That they are good to hang out, of course, but disclosure, debate, intellectual and informative enrichment are also necessary in this video platform. That is why we have proposed to teach you 10 youtubers with whom you will learn, in a fun way, a multitude of new things. Music, languages, science, technology, a multitude of subjects with which to spend hours entertaining and learning in a practical and free way.


Schrödinger's cat

Under the curious name of 'Schrödinger's cat' hides Rocío Vidal, a journalist who mainly dedicates her channel to dismantling pseudosciences. The video with which everything changed for this young woman was the one we link to below. In it, she was dedicated to denouncing influencers who were propagating dubious medicinal therapies that directly bordered on the scam.

In other videos, he has dedicated himself to bringing out the colors of techniques such as reiki (healing by energies through the laying on of hands), conspiracy theories such as flat Earth, positive psychology or homeopathy . His channel currently has almost 177 thousand subscribers. His style is direct, respectful and very accessible.


Do you think that the field of physics is unintelligible, one of those pending subjects that no matter how much they explain it to you, you will still not understand? That's because you don't know QuantumFracture, also known by its name, Crespo. In his channel, which is already followed by almost 1.5 million users, he is dedicated to explaining in a simple way such complex concepts (especially for those of us who are literary) such as black holes, the laws of thermodynamics, the different types of universe that exists according to the theories or to dismantle the theories of the flat earth. This is his most watched video, which already has almost 5 million views.

Another of his most viewed videos is this one in which he tries to explain the quantum nature of reality . It has almost 5 million views.

Plato's robot

One of the most followed science youtubers in Spanish is called Aldo Bartra and he is a 35-year-old Peruvian who currently resides in New Zealand. Under the name of 'Plato's robot' he has videos on his channel as interesting as the one in which he tells you what would happen if the Earth were the size of Jupiter, seen by more than 4 million people.

In another of his most celebrated videos, Aldo tells us what is under our solar system.

And in this other one he is dedicated to dismantling one of the most widespread conspiracy theories, the one in which it is stated that the landing on the Moon was a montage of the United States.


Jaime Altozano placeholder image

One of the revelation youtubers of recent times is Jaime Altozano, 'Spanish composer and music producer who works to bring music teaching to the Internet' as he defines himself on his website. Jaime's style is perhaps a bit complex for those of us who are not used to treating music in such a professional way but he has videos analyzing soundtracks that anyone can follow and understand. You just have to have a little sensitivity to music. His most celebrated video is the one in which he reels off the album 'El mal quiero' by Rosalía, which has already been seen by almost 3 million people.

In another of his most viewed videos, he discusses the phenomenon of 8D music and why it has gone viral.

Among his most beloved videos is that of analyzing the soundtracks of fantasy films such as the Harry Potter saga.

And of course we also have outright teaching videos .


This musician and multi-instrumentalist youtuber from Seville is dedicated to analyzing records and songs to finish off his videos with curious versions that he himself performs live. He has more than half a million subscribers and his most popular video is the one in which he analyzes the artist Ghostemane.

Shaun also looks at alternative rock bands in his videos like Arctic Monkeys.



If yours is the world of video games but you are tired of watching live games and want to delve into a world that is undoubtedly exciting, the DayoScript channel is, without a doubt, your channel. In it, Dayo is dedicated to conducting exhaustive analyzes of the most popular video games on the market. His most popular video, however, has nothing to do with video games: it is a detailed reflection in which he expresses his aversion to Big Bang Theory. A video with which we can delve a little more into the mechanisms of the audiovisual.

Aaron Rodriguez Serrano

With this YouTube channel you will learn more about the seventh art thanks to the detailed analyzes of films made by Aaron Rodríguez Serrano. In his most popular video to date we find a study of one of the best horror films of recent years, 'Let me out'.



Among the videos on various topics that this nice 'gringa' uploads, as she defines herself, those that teach you tricks to perfect your English stand out, like this one to pronounce the marks correctly.

In this he tells us that there are words in Spanish that have no equivalent in English .

And vice versa .

Learn English With Emma

An entire English teacher in our house. Her videos are spoken in English and have an academic intention to help the language learner.


And we end with the youtuber JenniferESL with whom we are going to perfect our English language and prepare for tests and exams.