10 interesting online health portals to ask your questions

Queries on internet portals

Nowadays it is quite common for us to go to the Internet to consult any aspect of our health . This way of acting is not always entirely correct, since on the Internet not everything we find is true or proven. For this reason, we want to recommend you reliable and experienced health portals, with information written by health professionals.

It is true that we have more information than ever at our disposal, but we must have a certain critical aspect and not trust everything we read. Especially in terms of health, it must be borne in mind that this information can never replace or contradict what a specialized health professional tells us. In any case, you always have to go to the doctor before making any decision , and also to better know what happens to us to take action in this regard. In these health portals you can consult everything you need, acquire knowledge and learn more about each disease, problem or disorder. We show you the most recommended.

Interesting online health portals

1. World health organization

We start with the portal of the World Health Organization (WHO). Here you can find a large amount of information on any topic related to health and healthy habits. The content is aimed at all types of people, regardless of the knowledge you have, so you can check their news and recommendations, knowing that what you are reading is trustworthy. It is also an interesting website for researchers , because it has a data and statistics section. Something that always comes in handy to write scientific articles.

2. MedlinePlus

This portal is part of the National Library of Medicine of the United States. It is one of the most important and largest medical libraries in the world , so it is a good place to ask your questions, especially about diseases, symptoms, medications, etc. If you want to dig a little deeper, MedlinePlus has a video and multimedia section with surgeries, tutorials and virtual tools to have a broader vision about medicine. Without a doubt it is one of the best places to obtain reliable information. Although you should know that it is not a medical advice, and at no time does it replace what a doctor may indicate.

Medlineplus health portals

3. Infomed

Another important health portal to consider is Infomed. It is the Cuban health network, one of the most important and best valued in all of Latin America. In addition to consulting medical information, it is primarily intended for health professionals, students, academics, researchers, etc. In the Portal Network section, there is a complete list with all the health sciences specialties. You can also filter the information by health topics, scientific journals or institutions.

Infomed health postcards

4. Healthy sport

If you are an athlete or are interested in everything related to health and sports, on the Healthy Sports website you will find what you need. It is a specific portal dedicated to health in the sports field. In it you will get answers to all your questions on topics such as sports nutrition, technology applied to sports, fitness and any curiosity about the different types of training and physical exercise. Another of its advantages is that the content is entertaining and is designed so that anyone can understand it.

5. Take carePlus

It is one of the largest portals in Spain on health issues that interest the entire population. CuidatePlus is endorsed by Diario Médico and Correo Farmacéutico. It focuses on useful news, with advice on healthy habits, recommendations, and social well-being. In its sections there are topics that are of great interest to most people. You can get information and consult current news about sexuality, such as beauty, family, mental health and medications. Its journalistic team is specialized in each of the topics, to guide you in the best possible way.

6. Health

At Esalud we are faced with a constantly growing portal. It talks about the most current topics in relation to health sciences and healthy habits. Its reliability lies in the fact that the contents are written by health specialists, who aim to bring these often unknown topics to anyone. That is why Esalud uses a simple language that is understandable. They cover specialized content in psychology, medical diseases, medicines, pharmacy, nutrition and natural remedies. His articles are very complete and provide many curiosities so that we learn more about our state of health, both physical and mental.

7. Web consultations

If you are interested in current news from any field of health, this is a website that will be useful to consult often. Webconsultas is updated every day, offering the most current information on health and wellness. It is a fairly comprehensive magazine, with specific sections on babies and children, pregnancy, beauty, medical tests, the elderly, pets, nutrition etc. The most important thing is that the content is written by specialized health professionals.

Web consultations health portals

8. Psycheviva

Mental health is a topic that interests more and more people, so we recommend this website that aims to bring psychology closer to all kinds of people, with a simple and close language. Whether to better understand relationships, emotions, mental disorders or curiosities about our mind, in Psiqueviva we have a complete place to improve our knowledge about ourselves in the field of psychological health.

9. Efe Salud

The EFE agency is one of the largest news agencies in Spain. Their content is attractive and above all exclusive, since they have the best professionals to capture all the breaking news. If you want to know how the health panorama is in our country, here you will find all the news. In addition, in Efe Salud the information is quite complete, since it is related to politics, social issues, preventions to take into account, diseases, etc. The content is quite careful and of course it is totally reliable.

Efe health health portal

10. Me and my baby

To end this list, we do it with one of the most interesting health portals on baby health and pregnancy. My baby and I is a specialized portal for pregnant women and parents who need to know more about the well-being of their babies and children. The information is made by specialists in this field, being as enjoyable and practical as possible with the intention of helping to resolve doubts.