How to redirect work email to Gmail


The email has been a real revolution in communications , both personal and professional . For many users it is an indispensable tool to carefully follow up on issues that cannot wait the next day . One way to ensure that no message is lost , or that you do not lose sight of it even at home , is to associate your work account with your personal account .

In the following lines we will explain how to redirect an email account , whether the domain that is, to Gmail , the service company created by the American Google .


On the main page of Gmail we will click on " Settings " in the upper right corner . A panel will then open where we will have the opportunity to modify the parameters of our account, such as the image, the signature, some security options, and so on. The functions are distributed in several tabs . We will click on " Accounts and Import ".

Redirect gmail-add-cue

We are interested in the third section , " Check mail using POP3 ". A button appears in it with the option "Add POP 3 email account ". We will click and then a pop-up window opens . We will have the opportunity to add the details of up to five other email addresses that we own.

The next step is to enter the username and password assigned to that email account, as well as decide between several possibilities. For example, if you want to leave a copy of the forwarded message on the remote server . Or if you always use an SSL type connection , a security protocol , to retrieve them. Also details of the type how to tag incoming messages or archive them . Finally, we will validate in " Add Account ".

A common mistake is not having POP access enabled , which prevents the process from being successful. To activate it , go back to the " Settings " menu on the Gmail home page , click on "Forwarding and POP Mail" and check "Enable POP for all messages" or "Enable POP for messages that are receive from now on ” . Finally, the POP client is configured (they have to appear in a list offered by Googleand the changes are saved .

Google accesses the server that you have provided. From that moment, when the user is going to write a new email , they can choose from which account to send it, even if it is in the default one. For example, if you are in Gmail , but you want your recipient to receive the message from their work address , you will see that in the “ From ” field there will be a drop-down menu that allows you to choose between one or the other.

Gmail redirect

Ready. Now, it only remains to get down to work .