How to clean your iPad screen without damaging it

clean ipad 1

Unfortunately, with electronic equipment it is very easy to screw up and ruin it. In that case, in addition, manufacturers tend to forget about the warranty, and charge you for the repair. Why we discourage cuaquier type of liquid to clean the screen of your iPad . In any case, it is not excessively complicated to clean it because the Apple ones have incorporated a model with a special coating that repels oils and fats, so that very little work is required to remove fingerprints. It's primarily about finding the right cloth .

We recommend that before starting with the rub-rub , you take a few seconds to pass a soft brush , such as those used to clean the front of photographic lenses , over the entire surface of the screen. Eliminate dust spots, small grains of sand, and other abrasives that later during cleaning could leave a permanent mark . Once this is done, you have to dedicate your attention to it with a microfiber cloth similar to the one used to clean glasses or LCD screens and monitors . They are woven with material capable of dragging dirt and dust embedded in the grease of the prints without causing any damage.

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To clean, you must make a crankpin with the cloth. As easy as wrapping the cloth around a compact cotton ball that is sold in pharmacies the size of a ping pong ball. Next you must pass the crankpin making small circular movements over the entire surface of the tablet, insisting on the dirtiest parts. Some say that wrapping your fingers in the cloth is enough , but you risk applying excessive pressure to the screen and breaking it. However, if you wrap a cotton ball, it will act as a cushion and maintain its cleaning effectiveness.

In no case will you use detergents or solvents for paints or alcohol . Nor will pour water on the iPad, because you risk frying . If there are any particularly resistant stains, you can always lightly moisten a small square of kitchen paper, and place them on the stain for five or 10 minutes, making sure that it does not leak water that could enter the slots of the equipment. After that time you remove it, and pass the microfiber wrist . Your screen will be as clean and new as the first day, and without the scratches that remain whenever you clean with a kitchen cloth , aunmoistened towel , tissue or piece of kitchen paper .

This cleaning system can be used with other tablets , and with most electronic ink readers . Again, always loosely , and without exerting excessive pressure on the cleaning cloth. To keep your computer clean for longer, you should get one of those transparent protective films specifically for iPad.