How to see all the features of my Windows 10 computer

Windows 10

Do you know what kind of equipment you have? What processor does it have? You may not have the slightest idea of ​​how much RAM your computer has. Be that as it may, you should know that if your computer works through the Windows 10 operating system , you will always have the opportunity to know and have this data at hand in a second. It will be necessary, of course, that you know exactly how the system information is accessed and keep it in mind whenever you have to access it because it is requested by technical support or because you have to carry out a check. If you want to know what type of system you have, then we will tell you how to see all the characteristics of my Windows 10 computer . It is easy and fast. Let's go there!


1. The first thing you have to do is press or touch the start button on the bottom bar of Windows 10 . A menu will open instantly and you will have to go to the File Explorer option , which is the one located in the first instance.

2.  Next, right-click to bring up another menu of options. You may get the most recent folders and files first, so it is most likely that to find the option that interests us, first you have to put yourself on top of the More option .

Windows 10

3.  Now click once on Properties . The window that interests you with all the information about the equipment will immediately open before you. We just got where we wanted to!

Team information

As you can see, this is the screen you have to access to check the characteristics of your equipment . At the beginning of everything you will find information about the version of the operating system. In this way, even if you already know that it works through Windows 10 , you will also have access to the exact version, in case you need it for any other technical question. In this case, for example, we work with the Home edition . If we go to the next section, we will have the opportunity to check the characteristics of the system. This will come in handy when installing software or external devicesthat require certain benefits. If you have lost the technical sheet of your computer, do not worry, because here you will find everything: about the type of processor and the frequency at which it works, the installed RAM, the specific amount you can use and the type of system. You can also check if the type of input for the screen is touch or handwritten or the opposite .

At the bottom you also have information related to the name, domain and workgroup configuration , an important piece of information if you work with other teams or with an important group of people in your company. In this way, your team will always be reachable and you can quickly identify yourself.

Do you already know everything about your team? If you have a problem you can raise it in the comments and we will help you with pleasure.