8 hidden functions of VLC player that you do not know

8 hidden functions of VLC player that you do not know

VLC is much more than a media player thanks to the large number of hidden options that this software has. In this article we explain 8 VLC functions that you do not know , and that are surely very useful in your day-to-day activities. Thanks to these advanced features of VLC, you will save yourself installing additional programs on your computer.

Convert audio and video files to other formats

VLC Media Player allows us to convert both audio and video files to other formats, without the need to install anything else . You can access the VLC file conversion tool in a very simple way, using the CTRL + R key combination.

convert vlc files 1

When the tool opens, you will be able to select all the files you want to convert. Once you have finished adding them, click on the " Save / Convert " button to go to the next section, where you can select the output file format.

convert vlc files 2

Play incomplete and compressed files

Another very interesting feature of VLC Media Player is that it can play audio and video files that are incomplete. This is very interesting when you have started downloading a movie, and you don't want to start the download to check if the file is correct.

The only requirement is that at least 10% of the total file has been downloaded. If this requirement is met, you can open the file like any other with VLC to start playback.

But not only this, but VLC Media Player can also play files that are compressed in a ZIP, RAR and even ISO format. Thanks to this, you save yourself having to decompress the file.

Apply filters and effects to your videos

We keep seeing little-known features of VLC Media Player. This player allows applying filters to improve the quality of our audio and video files . In this way, we can modify parameters, such as the saturation of colors, and even the brightness of a video that was recorded with an incorrect exposure. We can also equalize the sound of our audio files.

To access this VLC function we will use the CTRL + E key combination once our audio or video file has started to play. Once the tool is open, find different tabs for the different settings , both audio and video, you just have to play with them until you get the best result.

apply filters with vlc

Add placeholders to videos

How many times has it happened to you that you are watching your favorite movie, and suddenly you have to leave the house leaving it halfway? With VLC Media Player you will be able to add reference points that will serve as your starter , in this way you will be able to continue watching the movie from the exact point where you want it.

It will also help you to see the scenes that you liked the most in a much faster and more comfortable way .

To do this, you just need to press the CTRL + B key combination while your favorite video is playing. Now click the "Create" button, and a placeholder will be created in your video file.

Add placeholders to videos

To use one of these points that you created earlier, just press the Control + B key combination again, and double-click on the position point that interests you.

View and download YouTube videos

This is without a doubt one of the VLC features that we like the most. YouTube does not allow direct download of the videos hosted within the platform, so we will always have to resort to another tool to do so.

VLC came to the rescue to help us download YouTube videos in a very comfortable way . To open a YouTube video from VLC, just go to the "Media" menu and choose the "Open network location" option. Then paste the URL of the video, and click "Play."

download youtube with vlc

This will start to play the video. If you want to download it, press the CTRL + J key combination, then double-click on the content in the “ Place ” section to select it, and copy these commands into any browser. The video will load in your browser, and you can save it by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the option " Save video as ".

download youtube with vlc 2

download youtube with vlc 3

Listen to the radio and watch DTT from the Internet

VLC Media Player It also allows us to listen to radio from the Internet, which means that we can access stations that are not broadcasting in our town .

To take advantage of this VLC function, you just have to press the Control + L key combination. This opens a small interface, which will show you a multitude of resources that you can access, thanks to the network including radio stations, and some of the most popular podcasts . For podcasts, you will have to manually enter the URL of the podcast in question.

VLC also allows you to watch DTT over the Internet.

Capture your desktop

Windows 10 already includes a tool to record the computer screen, but VLC also allows us to use this function both in the Microsoft operating system , as in Linux and Mac .

To use this tool as you need to go to the "Media" menu of VLC Media Player and choose the option "Open capture device".

record screen with VLC

record screen with VLC 2

Now select the option to record the desktop in the new window that will appear, and then click "Play" to start recording. Previously you can adjust the frame rate per second of the recording, we recommend setting a value of 30 fps. To finish the graduation, you just need to click the "Stop" button in VLC.

Record a fragment of the video

In addition to recording the computer desktop, VLC also allows us to record a fragment of the videos that we play . This trick is really easy to use, since you only have to play the video in question, when the moment you want to record comes, click the right mouse button and choose the "Record" option.

record video with VLC

These are the 8 most interesting hidden VLC functions. What do you think?