20 tips and tricks to succeed in Fortnite and win your games

20 tips and tricks to succeed in Fortnite and win your games

Fortnite, the video game created by Epic Games, is one of the most interesting that we can play. Currently the video game has changed a lot and new game forms and objects have been added. Here we tell you the 20 best tricks to make the most of weapons, new functions and win all your games.

Combine balloons and hang gliding

Globos and Aldadelta, good combination? Yes, the answer is very simple. With the balloons you can climb to the heights quickly. If you combine it with the hang glider (an object that allows us to unfold the umbrella) you can release the balloons in the air and open it quickly. This way you will be able to plan for a while and go around the places in a much faster way.

Take advantage of the drafts

Season 8 has introduced drafts. These allow you to raise the character and deploy the hang-glider . These streams of water, which are spread throughout the map, are very interesting to get to a location faster. Also to quickly escape from enemies. These currents can be used with different vehicles. Remember that they have no fall damage.

Find a supply drop


Heavy assault rifle

Supply drops typically drop during the game and allow you to collect legendary weapons, materials, shields, or healing bandages . In the new season Fortnite added the possibility of seeing where these deliveries fall. They tend to fall two by two and close to safe areas. To find one, just click on the map and look for a blue box on the map. Now, select the box with your finger and add the marker. You will only have to follow the point to head towards the delivery.

Complete challenges quickly

Use the buildings to enter through the windows

Do you want to sneak in through the window? No need to break the structures, there is a very simple trick: use the construction. To do this, open the construction option, click on the triangle and put one right in the window. Now, go through the window crouching. On many occasions it will be necessary to put a table underneath.

Don't forget the zip lines

The zip lines are present in Fortnite since season number 7, in this new season Fortnite has eliminated some, but we can still use them in different locations. Zip lines are a good way to reach the highest places or to fight enemies in the air. Remember that there is no fall damage, so you can jump whenever you feel like it. Another trick is to escape from opponents or even to knock down structures that are close to them.

Explosives: when to use them

Dynamite in Fortnite

There are different explosive weapons in Fortnite, with different categories and damages. Explosives are a good way to eliminate the enemy, they are usually quite effective and it is something that is not expected. However, there are many more uses for explosives. An essential is to demolish structures. If you want to eliminate the entire structure, aim at the corners with any explosive weapon. You can also use them to eliminate enemies that are hiding in a building. Of course, be careful about throwing them when you are inside, as they could affect you and take your life.

Remember that explosive missiles only appear in supply drops. Also, there are some with a greater reach than others when casting.

How to take down structures faster

Do you want to take down the structures quickly ? A very useful trick is to shoot right when you are building. The structure takes a few seconds to build completely, so it is not entirely solid and with a couple of shots you can bring it down completely. If the construction is complete, a very interesting trick is to use the pickaxe instead of a weapon. This way you will destroy it much faster.

Is the structure already very large? Use the highest level explosives to knock them down. One tip is to shoot in the corners. This way you will damage the maximum number of walls. Remember that in structures there is always a pillar. Smash the panels that are on the ground to bring down the tower completely.

Using headphones in Fortnite: why it is a very good idea

Do you play Fortnite without headphones? Maybe not a good idea. In this game, the ear has a great role . Here you can hear the footsteps of the other players, the shots and the chests that are closer. Use headphones so you can better hear which floor the enemy is on or where the closest chest is. If you play on mobile or Nintendo Switch you will be able to see the steps, chests or shots on the screen.

Take advantage of MTLs to complete challenges


MTLs or Limited Time Modes are a good way to complete challenges, especially those where the groups are large, up to 50 players. In some MTL you can revive, so if you are eliminated you can continue completing challenges.

The color of the weapons is very important

The color of the weapon identifies its quality, therefore, it is advisable that if you find a golden weapon and you have one in purple, you change it. These are the colors from least to most powerful.

  • Gray, also called common weapon.
  • Green, rare weapon.
  • Blue, rare weapon.
  • Purple, epic weapon.
  • Golden, legendary weapon.

In some cases, especially objects, the color is not based on power, but on the level of appearance.

Beware of traps

Fortnite Trap

One of the new Fortnite traps

Traps do a lot of damage. These are placed on walls, floors or ceilings. Be very careful when entering a building or construction. You can eliminate the weapons by shooting or with the pickaxe. Never get under one, always behind.

The best weapons to eliminate at close range

Use these weapons if you compete against an enemy at close range. You are much more likely to reach them. Also, you will do more damage to them.

  • Shotgun: use when you are very close
  • Submachine Gun: Any type, deals damage quickly
  • Dual Pistols: Make sure you aim well. Several shots and you can eliminate the enemy.
  • Heavy pistol: Especially when you have located the enemy and he does not move too much.

You can combine the different weapons for faster elimination

Why the muffler is a very good idea


Sniper rifle with silencer

Fortnite has added many silenced weapons . These, although they are somewhat less powerful than the normal ones, are much more stealthy. Use silenced weapons to take down structures or shoot when in a bush, for example.

Take advantage of the bush

The bush is a legendary-type item that has been greatly improved. If you put it on, the first shot doesn't affect you , it affects the bush. Therefore, even if you are shot with a sniper rifle, you will not be harmed. They will only remove the bush.

Vending machines

Fortnite made a very important change to vending machines. Now the objects that appear are free, they do not spend materials. But we can only get one of each machine . It is a good way to get a legendary or epic weapon.

Vending machines with your squad


Are you playing Duos or Squad? Players on the same team can get a weapon from the vending machine. You just have to press the button at the same time so that they come out before the machine disappears.

Why cutting down palm trees is a good idea

Cutting down the palm trees that are on the map is a good idea, not only to get materials , but also to get coconuts. These coconuts only appear when we destroy an entire palm tree and they grant us 5 life or health.

Take advantage of the bonfires scattered around the map

These bonfires can be lit and provide a percentage of health . Of course, you should be careful because they are somewhat slow.

Aim in the head

By aiming at the head (and shooting, of course) we do double the damage established on the weapon . Therefore, if you want to eliminate some player, try to shoot in the head.

Find a safe area

If you want to collect good weapons before taking action, it is best to find a quiet area, the furthest from the center of the map. There will not be so many players there and you can search for ammunition, materials and weapons in a more calm way.