How to turn on Twitter photo descriptions for blind people

How to turn on Twitter photo descriptions for blind people

Twitter has a very interesting feature, but something hidden, within the Accessibility section . There are many users who interact every day with this social network to stay informed about many issues. However, it is clear that blind people can have serious problems deciphering the content of images.

Fortunately, there is an option (also available on Facebook) that may help you. What happens is that it has to be activated. And that users have to work a bit more when adding a description for the images. These texts, which can have a maximum of 420 characters, can be  read by specific programs, such as screen readers or in braille.

How to turn on Twitter photo descriptions for blind people

Steps to activate photo descriptions on Twitter

If you want to activate the descriptions of photos on Twitter, you have to do the following:

1. Access Twitter as usual , entering your username and password. If you were already logged in, simply click on your username. Access the Settings section.

2. From the left column, you will need to enter the Accessibility section . Click here to configure the descriptions option.

Twitter settings

3. All you have to do next is check the option Write image descriptions . What you will do with this is activate on your Twitter the option to describe images for people with vision problems.

4. Next, click on Save changes .

How to make descriptions of photos on Twitter

As soon as you have activated this option, as a user you will have the opportunity to add photo descriptions on Twitter. Visually impaired people who want to follow you will appreciate it. And if not, look at Rob Long, this blind user who has shared his satisfactory experience on the networks.

This is how captioning works and why it's important. Would really appreciate people spreading the word and creating a more accessible twitter for blind users. Thanks 🙈

- Rob Long (@_Red_Long) January 3, 2018

To start adding descriptions to the images you upload on Twitter, do the following:

1. Upload an image to Twitter. To do this, hit the Tweet button and upload the image you want.

2. Next, you will see the option Add description . It is marked in black. Click here to enter a short description of your image. Try to be complete enough so that a person who cannot see it understands what is happening or what appears.

tweets descriptions

3. And that's it. Now click on the Tweet button . Your image will appear with a description. And people with blindness will know very well what you are trying to tell the world.