From the artichoke diet to the Wii diet

JR Cook , a young man from Iowa (United States) has a plan to lose 36 kilos in a year. We are in May and he has already lost a quarter (about 9.5 kilos). You may be wondering if we have decided to change the theme of the blog to compete with . But no, this issue also has something technological: the weight loss plan is based on playing the Nintendo Wii every day. And eat healthy, of course.

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From the artichoke diet to the Wii 2 dietAt 27, JR is passionate about video games. He confesses that since he was little he spends a good number of hours a day playing with the computer or some console. "Sitting on the couch, fiddling with my thumbs most of the time . " But to exercise nothing. Sedentary life, which had an impact on his overweight. Now he wants to take advantage of that same hobby to do the opposite.

His challenge, the evolution of which can be followed on his personal blog , is the result of a promise for the new year. At the beginning of the year he weighed 120 kilos. He decided to start a balanced diet, watch his calories, and play the various Nintendo Wii Sports games for 30 to 45 minutes a day . At the moment he is not bad, although he has not yet managed to lose 100 kilos on the bathroom scale.

He was encouraged to do so for two reasons. The first was to check how much I was sweating after playing 1 hour and a half with the console. Second, he heard about the Wii Sports Experiment , a study from several universities that found that playing the Wii is a good way to lose weight.

A study, a personal blog, the appearance of the news on television ”¦ Anyone would say that it is a marketing strategy by Nintendo. In any case, from here we encourage JR to continue with his plan, because the important thing is to feel good about yourself. And if you can do it while having fun, all the better.

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