Gigaset A170, a cordless phone with lots of color for your home

Gigaset A170, a cordless phone with lots of color for your home

It may seem like something that is out of use, but there are many of us who still have a land line. If only because it comes bundled with most carrier convergent offers. If you are looking for a cordless phone to connect to that landline, which is complete but at the same time original, you can take a look at the new Gigaset A170 . It is a wireless terminal that comes in 6 fun colors and that offers, for a very low price, some very interesting features.

It has a simple but effective design. Its rounded lines facilitate its grip and its ergonomic keyboard the dialing of numbers. It has a 1.5-inch illuminated screen that makes it easy to use both day and night.

The Gigaset A170 is capable of storing up to 50 contacts and allows you to redial the last 10 numbers. It includes a list of the 25 most recent missed calls and is compatible with the caller identification system offered by most companies.

Ease of use and good autonomy

launch Gigaset A170 red

To use the Gigaset A170 we will not have to read a complex instruction manual. The device comes pre-registered with the accompanying base. So, right out of the box it will be plug and play .

The terminal offers indoor coverage up to 50 meters and outdoors up to 300 meters . In addition, it is possible to register up to four terminals in the same base station, thus being able to place several devices throughout the house.

This landline telephone supports the realization of 2 simultaneous calls (one external and one internal) and multiple conferences between 3 parties. In addition, it has 10 ringtones, 5 volume levels and a specific ringtone for internal calls.

launch Gigaset A170 green

On the other hand, the Gigaset A170 boasts a great autonomy. It allows conversations of up to 18 hours and is able to remain idle for up to 200 hours without charging.

In addition, it has ECO DECT technology . This represents an energy saving of up to 60% compared to conventional telephones.

In short, the Gigaset A170 offers everything we could look for in a cordless home phone. In addition, thanks to its wide variety of colors, it will adapt to any style of decoration. The terminal is already available in the market in blue, green, red, umbra, black and white with a price of just over 20 euros .