Paint 3D, this is the Paint of the future for Windows 10

Paint 3D, this is the Paint of the future for Windows 10

It is a legendary program. We have all used it for drawing, but also - later - for simple edits. We are talking about Paint, the drawing program that comes standard with Windows , Microsoft's operating system.

It has been present in our computers since the beginning of time. Although the truth is that over the years it has been renewed. However, what Redmond now presents us with is a completely new editor. He has dubbed it Microsoft Paint 3D.

It will be an image editor to use, clear and functional. Something more sophisticated and with a particularity. This will also offer us the possibility of creating and modifying 3D images . Do you want to know what exactly the new Microsoft editor will look like? What changes and advantages does it bring?

Paint 3D, these are its new features

The first change we see in the new Paint 3D is in the user interface. This has been completely renewed, so that it can also be used without problems on touch devices (computers and tablets…) and on Surface devices.

With this program, in addition, Microsoft wants to popularize 3D . How? Well, making it possible for everyone to draw and edit images in three dimensions. To make the issue more didactic, the Redmond has published a series of illustrative videos.

Thus, to create a 3D figure it would be enough to draw it on the canvas . To do this, the user will only have to use the different pencils available in the tools section.

As soon as you release the pencil from the virtual canvas, the drawing can be converted to 3D . From that moment, the editing tasks will begin. The drawing can be modified with different elements, filters, patterns, colors and textures.

The results are really good, although we fear that to make a good drawing it will be much easier and more comfortable to do it with a touch pointer . In the same way we would do it on top of a notebook.

In addition, a platform called Remix 3D has also been launched in which users can share their creations.

More new in Paint 3D

Another interesting novelty has to do with a 3D object gallery that the user can also use . There we will find different elements to select and add to our creations, available in 3D.

But this is not all. Because Paint adds more curious features, such as the ability to select objects from a flat drawing . They have baptized it as a magic selection and it is no wonder.

In the video below you can see how the user selects different 2D drawings to incorporate them into another figure that is already in 3D .

Another interesting thing that we can do with the new Paint 3D: create drawings from 3D geometric figures . Although it requires a point of dexterity on the part of the draftsman, making figures with cones, spheres and other pieces can be quite simple.

It will take a little practice and intuition to learn how to adjust the different elements. What we like the most is that by being a bit skilled and training with the tool , the results we will obtain can be frankly good.

All these tools are wrapped in a minimalist and modern environment. The icons and the different options are accessible and colorful. In fact, and as we indicated at the beginning, the environment has changed completely: giving Paint a more professional and updated touch.

The tool is available for free through the Creators Update , the latest update for Windows 10.