Philips 24PFT4032, in-depth review with features and price

Philips 24PFT4032, we have tested it

Your Expert RecommendedThe Philips 24PFT4032 is a 24-inch TV with Full HD resolution . It is a simple, lightweight equipment that we can use both as a television and as a monitor. A TV with a nice white design and several inputs to connect our devices. And best of all, a very affordable TV. We can find the Philips 24PFT4032 for a price of about 170 euros. A perfect outfit, for example, for the kitchen or the children's room.

If you are one of those who, before buying any device, take a look at the analysis of the specialized press, surely you have noticed that most of the televisions analyzed are the most expensive and largest models. And it's normal, after all, they are the ones we all want to have and the ones that normally attract our attention the most. However, when push comes to shove, these models may not be the ones we're looking for. Imagine that you are looking for a small and simple TV for the kitchen or a bedroom. It is difficult to find analysis of this type of television. That is why we wanted to analyze the Philips 24PFT4032 , a small 24-inch television with Full HD resolution. After trying it for a few days, we tell you our impressions.

Philips 24PFT4032 datasheet

Diagonal24 inch
Resolution and technologyFull HD, Digital Crystal Clear, Brightness 280 cd / m², 65% maximum luminance ratio
Panel typeLED
Dimensions56.2 x 33.6 x 6.1 cm
Weight3.26 kg
SupportTwo plastic feet and about 11.5 centimeters in length, VESA 75 x75 mm
Operating systemYou have no internet connection
AppsMedia player
ControlRemote control
Sound6 W, Sound enhancers: Surround sound, Sound clarity, Automatic volume control, Bass control and Intelligent sound control
Connections2 x HMDI, USB, Scart, DVB-T / T2 / C Tuner, CI +, Optical Digital Audio Out, VGA, Headphone Out
Wireless connectivityNot available
Release dateAvailable
Price170 euros


we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 design

Portable and stylish, that's how Philips defines the 24PFT4032. This TV has a touch of distinction that we cannot find in other models. Indeed, we are talking about the striking white color. The manufacturer has used a glossy coated white frame that will suit almost any décor.

In addition to its color, this white frame is quite striking for its size. We have a 1.5 centimeter frame on three of the sides, reaching 2.3 centimeters in the lower area . Here we have the Philips logo and a small light that shows the status of the TV.

we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 rear

On the back we have a plastic casing that is also completely white . The upper area has ventilation grills, as in the connector area. In the central part we find the four holes for the VESA mount.

Under these screws we have a deeper area that includes the connectors. As we shall see, not many, but if enough for a TV of this kind . The connectors extend to one of the sides of the TV, where we have a kind of hole that will be great for connecting a USB spike without disturbing it.

Two small plastic legs with a glossy finish are included to place the TV on a cabinet or table . These are attached to the ends of the TV using a screw.

If we decide to use these legs as a support, we must bear in mind that the screen is slightly tilted back . For a TV of this size it is not too much of a problem, but it is good to take that into account.

A clear example that the Philips 24PFT4032 is intended as a portable TV is the incorporation of a Kensington connector .

I send

we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 remote

As for the control, a very light remote control is included . The finishes are very simple and it seems to be quite fragile. The predominant color of the control is white, with the letters on the keys in black and a central area in gray. The buttons are the usual ones found on a remote control.

In addition, thanks to EasyLink we will be able to use the TV remote control with most of the equipment connected by HDMI . In our case, we have tested an Android set-top box and it has worked perfectly with the TV remote.

Enhanced Full HD picture

Philips 24PFT4032 has a screen 24 inches and full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . The panel offers a brightness of 280 cd / m² and a maximum luminance ratio of 65%.

we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 image

The Image Performance Index combines display technology with advanced image processing engines to improve sharpness, movement, contrast, and color.

Also included is Digital Crystal Clear technology , which achieves more natural images from any source. According to the company, this system achieves optimal contrast, color and sharpness with any content.

Now we will review how the image looks according to the sources, but we already anticipate that it has surprised us for the better. The Philips 24PFT4032 looks great with any source, standing out with Full HD content. In addition, we have also tried playing with the PS4 on this TV. Putting the Game mode, we have not detected response problems, or ghost effects or any other imperfection in the image .


The image with low resolution content, such as DTT, is good . It is true that the small size and the Full HD resolution help to achieve a good result.

The HD channels have a very good quality . This improvement even more if we see some of the channel's own content, such as a recent series. As for the SD channels, we lose quality and it is noticeable that the image loses sharpness. However, as we said, the small size of the television helps to make watching DTT quite pleasant. It is noted that the scaling that the television has to perform is not as pronounced as that that 4K televisions have to do.

Full HD content

Of course, when we will enjoy the Philips 24PFT4032 the most it will be when we use higher resolution sources. The truth is that we were surprised by the contrast, the black levels and the sharpness achieved by a television that the manufacturer itself considers portable .

We have also detected more detailed shadows and more information in dark scenes than we might expect from such an inexpensive and small TV . Regarding the viewing angle, the TV starts to distort at about 30 degrees.

In short, images from HD sources are quite sharp and have a lot of detail . The images are not particularly bright, but we do have good contrast and a screen that absorbs reflections wonderfully. What's more, this matte finish of the screen favors the good image quality that the television achieves.


we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 speakers

As you can imagine, such a small television cannot include a powerful sound system. Still the Philips 24PFT4032 fights back. It has an output power of 6 W RMS and several sound modes .

At the software level, the TV has improvements such as surround sound, sound clarity, automatic volume control, bass control and intelligent sound control. Despite not having much power, we noticed a very accomplished surround effect in movies . At least by getting pretty close to the TV.

Menus and settings

The Philips 24PFT4032 TV  doesn't have an internet connection , so we don't have too many options at the system level. The menus are quite intuitive, with a very visual black and white design.

The EPG follows the same design as the rest of the menus, with white font on a black background. The only application we have available is the multimedia player . To use it we will have to connect a USB memory with content. The player works properly.

That same USB port will help us to record content on a hard drive or USB memory . As we said, the EPG is very easy to use and it will facilitate recording.


we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 connectors

The Philips 24PFT4032 is a small television, intended to be used as an auxiliary television for a bedroom or kitchen. That is, it is not designed for us to connect a large number of devices. Still, we have several connections available .

In the main connection area we have two HDMI ports (one of them ARC) , an optical digital output, a VGA port, an Audio In port, a scart and the antenna connector. As you can see, Philips has thought of everything. We have two HDMI ports to connect, for example, a set top box and a console. But also a Euroconnector (very rare to see today) in case we want to connect an older device.

we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 side connectors

Also at the rear but facing the side, we have three more ports. In addition to the CI card slot, we have the USB port and the headphone jack . Also a small button to turn off the TV.

Conclusions and price

Honestly, the Philips 24PFT4032 has pleasantly surprised us . The picture quality that this small TV achieves makes it a great alternative for a bedroom or kitchen. The matte screen seems to us a success and favors achieving deeper blacks and avoiding reflections.

Image quality, both in DTT and HD content, is very good . Logically, the higher the quality of the source, the better the TV will look. We have not noticed any type of distortion in the image, not even trails in rapid movements, very common in low-price television.

we have tested Philips 24PFT4032 price

Perhaps the lack of WiFi connectivity and smart features can be a problem for some users, but this is solved by connecting any set-top box to the TV .

The Philips 24PFT4032 is already on the market with a price of 170 euros .