Is it reliable to buy from Shein? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

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Shein, the online store for women's clothing that has created a sensation on the Internet over the last year, today reaches the top of Google in terms related to fashion. As is often the case with these types of stores, not a few users question the reliability of Shein on social networks and specialized forums. Is it really reliable to buy from Shein? Is it reliable to order in Shein? And pay with a credit card? We see it below.

Three Reasons Shein Is Reliable

Despite criticism of Shein by some users of the online store, the website has been present in more than 220 countries for 11 years . Let's look at some of the reasons why buying from Shein is reliable.

Supports PayPal as a payment method

PayPal is probably the safest payment method on the Internet. In addition to having a system called 'Buyer Protection', the company reserves the right to refund the money to the customer if there has been a problem during the purchase process.

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Problems that can range from a defective item or that does not correspond to the original description to mishaps with the shipment or the condition of the package. Any demonstrable incident will be covered by PayPal's guarantee.

Payment by credit / debit card is safe

In addition to PayPal, Shein has its own payment gateway with which we can buy a credit or debit card in the store through.

This gateway has SSL certification; This means that all the data sent through the payment form is encrypted to avoid being captured by attackers and even the store itself. As if this were not enough, the store has certificates from the different issuing entities: VISA, Master Card, American Express and so on.

It has a return and refund guarantee

If we talk about Shein's guarantees, the store offers a maximum evolution period of 60 days from the date of purchase of the product in question. The return costs, however, amount to 4.50 euros.

Once the product has been received, the refund will be issued within 10 days from the date of receipt at the company's offices.

Four reasons why shopping from Shein is unreliable

Not all that glitters is gold, especially in an online store that operates in more than 220 different countries. On a page like Trust Pilot, the web accumulates a series of negative opinions that are worth taking into consideration before placing an order. Let's see which ones.

The quality and design of the clothing does not match what was promised

Inexpensive clothing, but very poor quality. This is what dozens of customers who have bought in the store throughout this year say. And it is not an open secret: Shein's clothes come from the same warehouses that Aliexpress and other import stores use.

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Other users assure that the design of the garments does not correspond, in general, with what is specified in the photographs on the web. Drawings printed on the fabrics with very poor quality, incorrect sizing, colors different from those of the images ... Remember: nobody gives hard to four pesetas, and Shein's clothes cannot be compared to those of the first brands , such as Nike, Adidas or Zara.

Orders take a long time to arrive or arrive defective

The Shein website specifies in one of the clauses of its purchase conditions that shipments to Spain range between 10 and 12 days . To the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the term can be extended to 25 or even 30 days.

However, some users say that the terms are much longer: sometimes even several months . To this is added that some orders do not arrive with the items present in the original order. "Clothes and accessories are often missing," some Shein customers say.

Shein does not respond correctly when a problem occurs

"It has been impossible for me to contact them through messages", "They say I send them photos but the messages on the web do not allow me to send files", "I only receive responses from a machine" ...

These are some of the opinions that various users have expressed about Shein during their shopping experience. Although from we cannot verify its authenticity, the truth is that the number of negative opinions gives one to think about the reliability of Shein when it comes to processing a return or refund.

The web has some malfunctions

"The order comes out as delivered but I have contacted the Post Office and they tell me that the order number does not even exist", "I have ordered a size S and in the final order it is marked as an M", "I try to pay and the store does not The card recognizes me when I have already paid several times with it ”. The problems of operation of the Shein website are as diverse as they are numerous.

Apparently, the page has several bugs in both the mobile version and the desktop version, bugs that may mean receiving a different size than that indicated in the order or sending a wrong or non-existent tracking number .

So is Shein trustworthy or unreliable?

The truth is that, roughly speaking, it is a reliable store. When it comes to payment methods, Shein is totally secure. Not so much if we talk about the quality of your garments or the conditions of purchase once we have received the product.

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And it is that although we can resort to the guarantee that PayPal offers us in case Shein does not respond, it is not a good reception for the company's clients if we are talking about a company that operates in almost every country in the world.

Conclusion? If you are thinking of spending a significant amount of money in Shein, we recommend that you turn to other stores with better guarantees and better manufacturing quality . For casual purchases, Shein can be the perfect ally, although from the first moment we recommend always using PayPal as a payment method to claim the money in case of problems with the order.