HISENSE Láser TV, pantalla de hasta 100 pulgadas con resolución 4K

HISENSE Laser TV, screen up to 100 inches with 4K resolution

Si los televisores “normales” se te quedan pequeños, el nuevo HISENSE Láser TV te va a encantar. Se trata de un proyector láser de tiro ultracorto que llega junto con una pantalla optimizada de hasta 100 pulgadas. Es un nuevo concepto de televisor, que combina las características de un televisor convencional con la diagonal de un proyector.

El HISENSE Láser TV ofrece resolución 4K y es compatible con imágenes HDR. Cuenta además con un sistema que mejora el movimiento en escenas rápidas. También está equipado con un sistema Smart TV y sonido desarrollado por JBL. De momento la compañía no ha desvelado ni disponibilidad ni precio del equipo.

Un proyector fácil de instalar

Como comentábamos, el HISENSE Láser TV está compuesto por dos equipos. Por un lado tenemos el proyector, el principal equipo de este sistema. Un equipo diseñado para que sea fácil de instalar, ya que se debe colocar en la parte delantera de la habitación.

launch HISENSE Laser TV projector

Being an ultrashort throw projector, we will not need a large space for its placement. We must put it right in front of the screen, thus eliminating the tedious ceiling or wall mounts of conventional projectors.

The HISENSE Laser TV is equipped with a laser engine and DLP technology . The company has used X-Fusion technology . It uses a precise light source (3,000 lumens) that provides sharper images, with more natural colors and a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours.

Launch HISENSE Laser TV Image Projector

Thanks to the DLP chip, the HISENSE Laser TV generates 8.3 million pixels . This translates into a 4K resolution , being compatible with HDR images as well .

And to get a smooth image the Laser TV includes MEMC . This system reduces motion trails in fast images. Thus, we can enjoy sports and action movies with a more fluid, clear and sharp image.

launch HISENSE Laser TV screen

The projector is accompanied by an anti-reflective screen optimized for the laser projector . It offers the best image quality, distributing color and light throughout the screen. In addition, it promises images without quality loss from any point.

JBL sound and Smart TV system

The HISENSE Laser TV is a product designed for users who want a higher diagonal than what the vast majority of televisions can offer. However, as its name suggests, it seeks to offer a complete experience, as if we were purchasing a television.

launch HISENSE Laser TV smart

To achieve this, in addition to the ultra short throw projector, two elements are needed. The first is to include a Smart TV platform in the projector itself.

The HISENSE Laser TV incorporates  VIDAA U, a proprietary interface developed by the manufacturer . This, in addition to being customizable, includes access to the most common applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Video or YouTube.

launch HISENSE Laser TV sound

The second is a sound system. To create the sound of the HISENSE Laser TV, the manufacturer has collaborated with JBL , one of the most important manufacturers of sound systems in the sector.

The Laser TV has dbx-tv technology , a system that offers a wide dynamic range, great precision and a sound capable of filling the room with practically no distortion.

Price and availability

In short, we are facing a team that radically changes the concept we have of the television . The use of a laser projector allows large screen diagonals without losing image quality.

launch HISENSE Laser TV final

The HISENSE Laser TV will be available with a 100-inch and 80-inch screen . At the moment neither the price nor the availability of it has been revealed. As you can imagine, it will not be a device for all audiences.