JDownloader 0.9, Internet file download manager

JDownloader 0.9, Internet file download manager 1

JDownloader is a powerful, totally free download manager with which you can organize and schedule a large number of files to download from more than 100 download portals and web pages . It allows us to download large files with ease and perform many downloads at the same time since the downloads can be paused at any time and left for another day even if you turn off the computer. The latest available version of JDownloader is 0.9581 , which adds more compatible pages . We tell you the details and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

The JDownloader download manager offers us a large number of options that make file downloads easier. It accepts the container formats (in which the file download links are contained) DLC, JDs and CCF so that very large files divided into parts can be downloaded easily. In addition, links can be added using Click'n'Load , a plugin that allows multiple links to be added with a single click from a website configured for it. It also has other functions likedetection of captchas (images containing letters to be entered to download the files) an automatic extractor for RAR and ZIP or optional automatic restart of the router to change the IP address (if dynamic) when the number is reached maximum downloads from a server.

JDownloader 0.9, Internet File Download Manager 2

Its operation is simple: the link grabber automatically adds any link that we copy and checks that it is available . From there we have the possibility to prioritize them at various levels or choose the destination folders. By clicking on " Add all links" they will be transferred to Downloads and it will automatically begin to download the files where we can see their progress and the estimated download time. In addition, you can  choose the number of maximum simultaneous downloads , as well as a maximum speed limitin case we want to reserve some bandwidth for other purposes. Finally, you can configure the connection options , add accounts from the different servers , including premium accounts .

JDownloader is a very useful tool despite the fact that it does not allow us to skip waiting times and has a high memory consumption . Apart from the typical file download sites ( Megaupload, Rapidshare ..) it also allows us to download audios and videos from web pages like YouTube . By copying the link of the video, it will offer us several downloads in the different resolution levels in which the video is available, as well as a link in which we can download the audio of the video and automatically transform it to mp3 format  . In short, JDownloaderis a very complete download manager that has not gained popularity for nothing.

Download JDownloader from the official website.