NM Card, what is it, how much does it cost and where to find it

Huawei Mate 20 vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro

NM Cards have come to replace the classic microSD or at least that's what Huawei thinks , as it has been one of the first companies to adopt this new removable storage format. It may be the first and last if we take into account that it is a proprietary standard of the Asian firm. Currently high-end smartphones compatible with removable storage can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But Huawei has risked and in its Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro we will find this new format. We tell you all about the new NM Cards.

Goodbye to the microSD in Huawei terminals and hello to the NM Card

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NM Card is actually the abbreviation for Nano Memory Card, it was the new memory card that Huawei presented with its new mobile phones. We anticipated the ownership of the standard, since it is Huawei the owner who will decide whether to allow the rest of the manufacturers to use this new format. Its main difference with respect to the classic microSD is its size, the NM Cards are 45% smaller than the microSD. Huawei's proposal with these new memory cards is to reduce the size of the trays where they are housed. Until now, Dual-SIM terminals had two or up to three trays if they wanted to include removable storage. The arrival of this new format ensures smaller traysor even hybrid trays in which to place both the two nano SIMs and the NM Card. It is certainly good news, but with the rise of e-SIM in the end this could come to nothing.

Regarding the technical specifications, the NM Cards have data transfer speeds of up to 90MB / s, this puts them at the same level as the microSD UHS-I class 3. The storage starts from 128GB to 256GB, for the moment they are the only models available for these new memory cards. Huawei is the one who has the last word when it comes to offering more versions with more storage, if we take into account that there are microSDs up to 2TB. Currently its price is not entirely economical if we compare them with the microSD, but if we do the GB / euro calculation, what we pay is not excessive.

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Although the most worrying thing is its availability in stores. We have only found it on Amazon and Media Markt, in both stores the 128GB capacity model. While in the first store the price is 45 euros, in the second it goes up to 50 euros. The 256GB model has yet to hit the market, but it is expected to arrive soon or so rumors indicate. Whether the NM Card format works or fails is Huawei's decision, at the moment it is available only on its terminals. We can only wait if it really improves the user experience or if its use affects the construction of smartphones.