9 questions and answers about the IP address of our computer

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The maximum speed supported by the router or the network card is usually defined on the back of the device in question.

The IP address of our computer is roughly the identification number of our PC in a network. When we are connected to the Internet, all devices have two types of IP, a public one, which corresponds to the router's IP address, and a private one, which matches the identity of our device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.). Currently there are still many doubts regarding the IP address. "What is my fixed IP", "how to change the IP address", "what public IP do I have", "how to change the public IP", "how to know the IP of the router" . A few days ago we were talking about Ethernet cables and all the types and categories that currently exist. This time we have made a compilation of the most frequent questions and doubts about the router's IP address.

How to know the IP of my PC

The process to find out the private IP of a computer is very simple. If we have a Windows computer, we will only have to open the Windows CMD through the Start menu and type the following command:

  • ipconfig

If we have a Linux or Mac computer, the command to be entered will be the following:

  • ifconfig

Next, a series of data will be shown like the ones we can see below this paragraph.


Of all the data, the one that interests us is the one that follows the IPv4 Address section . The address shown will be the IP address of our computer.

What is my public IP

To date, no operating system has options to find the computer's public IP. In this case we will have to resort to third-party web pages, such as What is my public IP (we can access through this link).

see public ip address

Once inside, the page will show us both the IP address of our router and the Internet provider.

How to change the IP of my PC

Changing the IP address of a computer within a certain network environment requires the Network Settings of the operating system of the computer in question.

9 questions and answers about the IP address of our computer 1

In the case of Windows 10 or earlier versions of Windows, we will have to go to the Control Panel; specifically to Network and Sharing Center . Once inside, we will click on our network and we will right click on it to select the Properties option. Then a window similar to this should appear:

9 questions and answers about the IP address of our computer 2

Among all the available options, the one that interests us is  Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) . Again we will click on it and we will click Properties until we reach the window above

Finally, we will activate the Use the following IP address tab and enter a manual IP that enters the gateway, that is, the router's IP. For example, if our router has the IP address we will have to choose an address that starts from to the number 255.

How to change the public IP

Since the public IP depends on the address of our router, changing it is only possible if we use VPN applications .

nordvpn app vpn 3

The functionality of this type of application is based on simulating the connection of our computer in another part of the world to mask it with a simulated IP, in such a way that we can change the IP address to another country .

With this we will be able to hide the IP from all the websites where we access. We can see some of the most popular VPN applications currently in the article that we just linked.

How to locate an IP geographically

To track an IP geographically, the only thing we can do is resort to third-party pages such as What is my IP .

track ip address

We will only have to enter the IP in question and the page will automatically locate the location of the router, of course, with a certain margin of error.

How to know who is connected to my WiFi network without programs

To view all the devices that are connected to the same WiFi network, we can use two different methods. The first one is based on accessing the router's configuration through the IP in any browser .

see who is connected to my wifi router 2

Once we have entered the username and password (it usually corresponds to admin and admin, although it is generally indicated on the router's label) a screen will automatically be shown with the list of all devices connected to the router .

who is connected to my wifi 5

In the event that we are not able to access the configuration, we can resort to third-party applications such as Fing. When we have downloaded it, the app will show us a list of devices connected to the network .

How to find the IP address of my printer

Following the previous method we can also know the IP of the printer that we have connected via WiFi network .

In the event that the program does not differentiate by type of device, we will have to obtain the MAC address of the printer through the information on its label .

Later we will compare the MAC address of the application in question with that of the printer to find out its IP address.

How to change the IP address on mobile

As in Windows, Android and other mobile operating systems, it supports IP change using advanced network settings.

In the case of the latter, the process is as simple as going to the WiFi and Internet section in the Android Settings app. Next, we will select the WiFi network to which we are connected and click on the gear wheel to access the settings .

change android mobile ip

Later we will click on the Edit pencil and then on Advanced options. Finally, we will select Static IP in IP Settings and configure all the parameters to our liking. We must bear in mind that the gateway must be the same as the router address to have an Internet connection.

How to find out the IP address of a Gmail or Outlook email

One of the most frequently asked questions. Currently we can know the IP of an email through the advanced options of Gmail and Outlook.

9 questions and answers about the IP address of our computer 3

In Gmail, for example, the process is as simple as clicking on the three Options points within the email in question and selecting Show original . Then we will see a screen similar to this:

see ip gmail email

To find the IP address of the mail, we will search with the key combination Control + F for the text string x-originating-ip (it can also be called sender, IP sender or client-ip). It will be in that section where the sender's IP is indicated.

see ip address mail outlook 2019 2

In Outlook, the process to follow is the same, the only difference lies in the name of the option, which in this case is renamed View message source .

see ip address mail outlook 2019

As for the parameter to be searched, the line of code must contain the words sender IP .