These are the contents of AMC that arrive free to Vodafone TV

These are the contents of AMC that arrive free to Vodafone TV

Video on demand services have conquered televisions around the world. There are already many who only watch services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + on television. So if operators want to compete with a good television product, they have to include these services, in addition to the usual cable or satellite channels. Today Vodafone has announced that it is taking a new step to make its television offering even more competitive. The British operator has announced the addition of AMC Selekt, a video on demand service with more than 5,000 programs on demand .

What is AMC Selekt?

AMC Selekt is a video on demand service that offers content from 11 thematic channels of AMC Networks : AMC, Hollywood Channel, SundanceTV, DARK, Somos, XTRM, Odyssey, Kitchen Channel, Decasa Channel, Panda Channel and Sol Música. In these channels, films of all genres, series, documentaries, lifestyle programs, children's content and music are broadcast.

Thanks to AMC Selekt, Vodafone users will have access to well-known series such as “From Another Place”, “Das Boot”, “Wisting”, “Philharmonia”, “Made in Italy”, “This Close”, “Non Mentire” or "Flood". They will also be able to see a varied selection of films , with classic titles such as "The Godfather", "Chinatown", "A wonderful mind", "Land as you can", "Rango", "Her parents", "The Truman show "Or" The Host. "

AMC content coming to Vodafone TV for free from elsewhere

The service also includes a wide variety of documentaries on current affairs, technology and nature, such as the documentaries "The Weekly", "Drowned in plastic", "Trump Confidential", "Secrets of the Mediterranean", "War of drones", "Between monkeys ”Or“ Extreme danger ”.

These contents will be included, at no additional cost, for all Vodafone customers who have contracted the offer of packs that the operator launched last year. Of course, depending on the pack that we have contracted, we will have access to one type of content or another. Here you have the list of packs and content that Vodafone has provided:

  • Seriefans and Serielovers packs will include AMC Selekt Series , with AMC and XTRM on-demand series
  • The Cinefans pack will include AMC Selekt Cine , with movies on demand from Canal Hollywood, Sundance TV, DARK and Somos
  • The Documentaries pack will include AMC Selekt Documentaries and AMC Selekt Entertainment , with on-demand content from Odisea, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa and Sol Música
  • And the Peques pack will include AMC Selekt Infantil , with children's content on demand from Canal Panda

All content included in AMC Selekt will be available in HD or 4K quality , as well as on all compatible devices (mobiles, tablets, Smart TVs and computers).