YouTube adds an animated GIF maker to your videos

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The animated GIFs are very popular on the Internet , it is that these moving images weigh very little and are as small video clips that can be inserted virtually anywhere. An animated GIF consists of a sequence of still images that play automatically, creating the sensation of movement, but we can treat them exactly the same as we do with a JPEG or PNG image. The vast majority of GIFs that circulate on the Internet have been extracted from videos, many of them coming from YouTube. There are programs that allow us to generate a GIF quite quickly and without difficulty, although if we want a finer work we can use Photoshop. Although it is quite simple, this backs off many users, who prefer to admire the GIFs that others create. However, the latest utility released by YouTube allows you to create animated GIFs in just seconds. At the moment it is not available in all their videos, but if they finally spread it throughout the portal, we can expect an avalanche of GIF images on social networks.

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Google has started testing a new tool for its YouTube video portal . The idea is that any user can create an animated GIF from a video, without having to know about image editing programs or install anything on our computer. As mentioned, the moment the creator GIF YouTube is available on some videos , particularly those of the PBS channel Idea Channel, and still do not know if you will reach the rest of the portal or only be added to those channels that activate the function. The fair thing is that the authors decide if their videos can be converted into GIF,so most likely the decision will end up depending on the owners of the videos.

The tool is very simple and in just a few seconds we can have our animated GIF, although with a limitation of 5 seconds maximum so that it does not weigh more than necessary. All we have to do is click on the Share menu and select the GIF option . A panel will open in which we have a timeline with the video at the top, in which the fragment that we are going to cut appears. We can adjust it by sliding with the mouse or directly by entering the time in which we want it to start and end. Once the cutout is selected, you can add text on the image, to give it a look like the classic memescirculating on the network. In addition, YouTube allows us to put the text at the top or the bottom. When we are finished, the page offers us a code to embed the image and a link that takes us directly to the animated GIF, just like when we try to share a video. If we want to store it on our computer we will have to access the link and save it.

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