Microsoft customer service: phone number, contact and support email


Since most of today's computers are governed by Windows, Microsoft's operating system, it can come in handy to have the telephone and other means of contact handy for when it is necessary to contact the customer service of the company. company. Either because we have a problem with the platform, or with any of its tools, such as with any service within the Microsoft Office package, it is necessary to have a support number, email or social networks to expose our doubts and find one solution.

In this article we are going to tell you how you can solve your incidents. All the contact options can be consulted below.

Microsoft Customer Service Phones

Microsoft has more than 90,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world. Any technical query you have about your operating system or any other company product, you can call the following numbers from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 Spanish time.

  • Telephone not free: 902 197198. This is a special rate number that has a cost per minute
  • National telephone: 91 754 70 10. This support number can be free as long as you have a rate with free minutes to national landlines.

If you are calling from any country in Latin America, you can contact Microsoft through the following numbers:

  • Argentina : 0 800 222 9467
  • Venezuela : 0 800 100 4610
  • Bolivia : 800 100 714
  • Brazil : 11 4706 0900
  • Chile : 56 2 25994914
  • Colombia : 1 587 0300
  • Ecuador : 1800 010 288
  • Uruguay : 000 4054 083
  • Falkland Islands : 305 418 9137
  • French Guiana : 0 805 51 0101
  • Paraguay : 009 800 542 0049
  • Peru : 51 1 7097831
  • Suriname : 305 418 9140

Microsoft Customer Care: Phone Number, Contact, and Support Email 1

Contact through the support center

One way to contact Microsoft is through the company's support center. You just have to enter here and follow the steps that are indicated. Of course, you will have to know some English, because, although you can explain your problems or doubts in Spanish, the support center will give you to choose possible solutions, and these appear in English. However, if you are not finding help in this first contact, you just have to answer no in the different questions, and, after a few seconds, it will give you the choice of establishing communication via chat with a real worker from the center of support.


It is necessary that you select very well, before establishing communication through chat, the type of problem you have. A list with different options will be displayed. We recommend that you choose the one for technical support.

Did you get a call from Microsoft? Be careful, it can be a scam

Contact Microsoft through social media

Another way to contact Microsoft for technical support is through social media. The company is present on both Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you can send them a private message through their Facebook account and they will respond to you within 24 hours at most.

From your Twitter account in Spain you can also get support. We recommend, of course, that you make use of private messages to keep privacy at bay.

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