Nokia 909, new name and image of the mobile with 41 megapixels

Nokia 909 Eos

Nokia has prepared a presentation event for July 11 in which they will present a new smartphone model with a very complete camera that will follow in the wake of the Nokia 808 PureView , only in this case the device would have Windows Phone, that is , which will belong to the Lumia family . Rumors about this model are relentless and in recent weeks we have witnessed an unstoppable trickle of leaks. However, one of the things that attracts the most attention is the number of names that are attributed to the next terminal of those in Espoo. Months ago there was talk of Nokia Lumia PureView, later it mutated to Nokia EOSand recently a much more logical name appeared: Nokia Lumia 1020. When it seemed that the new Nokia had already been definitively baptized, the Twitter user evleaks -which by the way is the same one who attributed the Lumia 1020- has dropped that the definitive name would be Nokia 909.

It makes some sense since the other terminal with a high-resolution camera is called Nokia 808 PureView , however if it has Windows Phone it should carry the pseudonym Lumia. It is also curious that if it is called Nokia 909 it does not have the nickname PureView , the name that Nokia gives to its cameras with more advanced technology. But regardless of what this model is going to be called, what matters is that a supposed press image has leaked again , and this time it shows us the back where the sensor is located, which is its most interesting part.

Nokia Lumia 1020

As we have seen in other previously leaked images, the Nokia 909 or Lumia 1020 will have a 41 megapixel sensor that has been placed on the back of the chassis in a round bulge and not as bulky as we expected - although in this image it is not. the thickness is really appreciated. The lens is located in the center and is manufactured by the prestigious firm Carl Zeiss, which is also responsible for manufacturing lenses for professional cameras Sony, Fujifilm and others. Next to the lens is a Xenon flash fairly wide which is intended for taking pictures , but just to the side there is a diode LED that will serve as video or assist light during focus.

There has also been talk that the device will feature a much more comprehensive shooting application called Nokia Pro Cam . In the image that was leaked yesterday (the second one that illustrates this article) we only saw the front, which did not give many clues about the design but did have the Pro Cam application. According to rumors, this tool will allow you to adjust parameters such as focus or aperture completely manually, so we can exert greater control over the shot. The Nokia 909 , if it is finally called that, will also continue to retain the normal application for users who do not want to complicate.