Here are 10 GIFs that you should already be sharing on WhatsApp

cold wave gif

Here, waiting for the bus.

We have made it through Monday . Today we have a Tuesday and not just any Tuesday. Today the polar cold wave arrives, so we will have to warm ourselves and also laugh a little. And it is most likely that there is no other effective way to overcome it. So you're happier and you can ride out the day with a little more joy , we share with you the last 10 GIF most fun we've found the networks and that it ought to be sending all your friends and family via WhatsApp . Don't let the polar cold frost your nets and enjoy the day!

That you take a few laps every morning before you go to work? Well, don't worry, because if today you live in one of the many towns where it has snowed more than half a meter , you will be able to leave your home like that. I don't know what they are waiting for to admit butterfly swimming in the snow as an Olympic modality. This does have merit.

cat twerking

It's cold? Well, I give it to twerking! That dance that will probably end up in the hospital waiting room with a broken hip. And since cats are not afraid of anything, this girl's has also been animated. Who of the two has more style?

dog covered

Do you think I'm going to go out on the street with that polar cold whipping my back? Not to mention the toupee. Mistress, put me in here. And so pancho is this adorable little dog inserted in a sheepskin cover that right now I'm going to look at Amazon, but for them to take me .

angry cat

I told you not to wake me up. Did I tell you or didn't I tell you not to wake me up?

colleja cure

"Come here child, I'm going to give you a host." And the priest took it at face value. Either that or he was possessed by the demon himself.


Be very careful this morning with the falls. If you're a dizzy duck, today you should take a look at these elaborate sneaking techniques. That I have slipped on this innocent ice sheet, have I broken my glasses and my nose is bleeding? Where?

Watch out for those steep steps, they are very treacherous . If you fall like this, it will be time to use all your weapons of concealment. You are able?


If you are one of those who tend to fall everywhere - it does not matter if there is an inch of ice on the asphalt - you would have to use the technique of ñigo Errejón , like a bird of prey, with its eagle eye, on the lookout for any danger ...


Child, don't touch the chair. Don't touch her, I tell you. Well, there the boy is, hitting the mechanism, until he comes face to face with reality . And it's not exactly virtual, is it?

Belén Esteban

And now we will finish. We will do it with a GIF of Belén Esteban , because they are usually images that tend to summarize the meaning of life very well, in general. If you're cold, do like her: binge on whatever you find in the fridge , share these GIFs, and screw it up!