Yamaha YAS-201, in-depth analysis

yamaha yas-201

Yamaha YAS-201 is a sound projector (or sound bar) that comes complete with a wireless active subwoofer . It is suitable for all those who want to improve the sound quality of the television, although without complicating their lives. This set provides immersive sound for any room, without missing the thrill that low frequencies bring to movies. It can also offer stereo sound for the enjoyment of music of any style, from classical to dance.

This soundbar plus wireless subwoofer configuration provides great installation flexibility. It supports various surround sound modes, which can reach 7.1 channels. It has a function that increases the clarity of dialogue in movies and television series.

yamaha yas-201


The sound bar is low enough so that it can be placed in front of the flat-screen TV in the living room, without interrupting viewing. It is only 8 cm tall without the feet (9.8 with the support on). The front of the bar is slightly curved. Both the bar and subwoofer are black in color and feature a glossy , piano-black- like finish that blends perfectly with any next-generation flat panel display. The bar is also prepared to be installed hanging from the wall; just remove your feet.

For its part, the cube-shaped subwoofer measures approximately one foot on a side, so it will be easy to find a hole in the living room to put it. As the subwoofer is also wireless , it gives much more freedom when it comes to locating it. However, even if the bar and subwoofer communicate wirelessly, the subwoofer, which is active, must be located near a socket. The third element of the package is the remote control, of small dimensions, which is very functional.

yamaha yas-201


The total output power of the Yamaha YAS-201 is 160 watts , which is divided into 100 W for the subwoofer and 30 W for each of the front ones. This equipment can decode multi-channel sound of DTS , Dolby Digital and

Dolby Pro Logic II . Two loudspeakers are installed inside the bar , each one located at one end. They are full-range and their cones are 5.5 centimeters in diameter. Although the enclosure is very thin, its internal structure is of high capacity. This helps to achieve a clear sound as well as powerful.

On the other hand, the subwoofer incorporates a 16 cm cone and shoots the sound downwards. Its configuration is completed with a bass port on one of the sides. The cabinet is also high-capacity and hides a manufacturer's own Advanced YST II technology circuitry , designed to provide a stable power supply that delivers powerful bass.

This home theater set is capable of 7.1 channel surround sound with only one bar and one subwoofer. This is possible thanks to technology Air Surround Xtreme from Yamaha . It achieves a quite believable envelope, with dynamic sounds to give excitement to the action that takes place on the screen behind the viewing position that is completed with clear dialogue from the front. There is a very interesting function, called UniVolumen, which, when activated, always maintains the same volume level, regardless of the selected source or the television channel that is tuned. That way, the volume is uniform during TV shows and during commercials, without jolts. The user can also use the Clear Voice function when he wants to increase the clarity of the dialogue or of the voices in general, for example, during broadcasts of games or during the night viewing of television series.

yamaha yas-201

Remote control

The remote control is small, but effective. It is a little bigger than the credit card type. Quickly choose the sound mode : surround (for movie soundtracks) or stereo (for listening to music). The knob can also adjust the volume level of both the bar and the subwoofer. It also gives direct access to the Clear Voice and Uni Volume functions. At the top are the source selection buttons for the television (TV), the Blu-ray or DVD player (BD / DVD), and the optional wireless transmitter (YIT), which is used to play streaming music from computers PC or Mac, as well as from an iPod, an iPhone or an iPad.

Another advantage of the Yamaha YAS-201 remote is its ability to “learn”. You can clone some functions of the TV remote control, such as turning it on and off, or adjusting the volume. The usual thing is to install the sound bar in front of the TV. However, this may cause you to end up blocking the infrared receiver on the TV remote control. This is why Yamaha engineers have included a repeater function in their product, so that when the user is using the TV remote, the bar receives that signal from the front and repeats it from the back so that it can be received by the TV receiver. .

yamaha yas-201


On the back of the bar are the two optical digital audio inputs , valid for connecting two sources. One of them can be a Blu-ray player and the other can be a CD player, for example. Being the wireless subwoofer, it doesn't need much else either.

Compatibility with Apple mobile devices and computers can be added by purchasing an optional accessory, the Yamaha YIT-W12 . It is a wireless transmitter that can work with the iPhone , with the iPod , and with the iPad , but also with Mac and PC computers that have a USB port. It allows you to play music in streaming and without the need for cables from those computers. It uses a proprietary Yamaha technology called AirWired, capable of transmitting uncompressed linear PCM sound. The YIT-W12 costs 70 euros.

To conclude, the Yamaha YAS-201 can significantly improve the home theater experience, at a reasonable price, and with a very easy to install package.

Data sheet

ModelYamaha YAS-201
CategorySoundbar with wireless subwoofer
Total output power160 W
Multi-channel sound decodingDolby Digital

Dolby Pro Logic II


Sound technologyAir Surround Xtreme
Connectivity2 optical digital audio inputs
Bar weight and dimensions886 x 98 (without stand 80) x 121 mm

3.1 kg

Subwoofer dimensions and weight290 x 292 x 316 mm

8.3 kg

Target price450 euros
+ infoGaplase