How to recover an unsaved document in Microsoft Word

How to recover an unsaved document in Microsoft Word

How many times has it happened to you? You are writing a very important Microsoft Word document . Definitive. The one you have to deliver yes or yes first thing in the morning tomorrow. Suddenly the power goes out. Or your computer crashes unexpectedly and you lose all the work you've done up to then.

Well, the first thing you have to do is remember more often to save your documents. In fact, it would be interesting that as soon as you create one, you save it with a file name and in a certain folder. The second thing you should know: that an unsaved document in Microsoft Word can be recovered .

And that in principle, you do not have to worry. Because that document that you have been working on for hours is not lost at all. We tell you how to get it back in the blink of an eye .

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You can recover an unsaved document in Microsoft Word

You haven't saved it. The program or computer has unexpectedly shut down (or shutdown), but have faith. Documents can be recovered, even if they have not been saved . If you have Microsoft Office 2010 and above, you shouldn't have a problem. To recover an unsaved document in Microsoft Word, do the following:

1. When you can open your computer again, access Microsoft Word . It is quite possible that if an unexpected shutdown has occurred, the program may start as if nothing had happened. That is why you may think that there is nothing to recover. But yes.

2. What you have to do, once inside Microsoft Word, is click on the File tab and then mark Recent.

3. You will see that at the bottom of the menu, there is an option that says Recover documents without saving . Click right here.

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4. Next, a navigation window will open. From here you will see all the documents that remain stored in the Microsoft> Office> UnsavedFiles folder . Here are the files that were not saved at the time, but are still being kept here.

5. Click on the file you want to recover. You will recognize it because the first sentence of the file has been selected as the title. To open it you can double click or select it and touch the Open option .

6. When you have the file open, you will have recovered it thanks to the automatic saving system. Now it will only be necessary that you save the document in a secure folder , so as not to have any incident again. And that's it.

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Automatically save files in Microsoft Word

Fortunately, Microsoft Word is not what it used to be. Before we lost files very easily. But today there are many options that can help us prevent more than one upset. There is, for example, the option of automatic saving , which we can configure according to our needs. And that you should configure right now, if you have had the odd scare.

To do this, click on File> Options> Save . Within this section, you can choose if you want to save files in another format. Also select if you want to keep the latest autosaved version when it is closed without saving.

But the most important thing is that you can select how often you want auto-recovery information to be saved . Choose the interval of minutes that you consider the most accurate. By default you will find 10 minutes indicated. But you can start from one.