7 tricks to download your torrent faster

7 tricks to download your torrent faster

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good fiber connection at maximum speed. And even if it is, there are times when downloading torrent files does not go as fast as we would like. Once connection problems are ruled out, there are some important things that can be done to improve torrent speed. From connecting via cable instead of WiFi, downloading the file with the most seeds from utorrent, the most used program to download torrent files, or prioritizing the first thing you want to download.

If you want your torrent to go down at lightning speed, keep reading. Below we reveal all the tricks that you must take into account so that they do not take longer than necessary.

1. Use cable instead of WiFi

Whenever you want a file to download in the shortest possible time from utorrent, it is best to connect the computer to the network cable and leave the WiFi aside. Imagine that you want to watch a movie or the chapter of your favorite series and you need to download as quickly as possible to see it right away. In that case, we recommend that you pull the cable. And it is that sometimes it does not depend so much on the connection speed, but on the wireless signal itself.

However, if it is not possible to connect the computer by cable to the router , since it is located in another room, you can always use a repeater or a PLC, a system that helps us improve the reach of the Internet in our home taking advantage of the wiring of the electrical installation.

2. Check the number of seeds the torrent has

As we say, utorrent is the program most used to download torrent files. If you usually use it, you are surely familiar with the term seed or seed. Basically this term is used to define the number of users who continue to share the file after having downloaded it. Since a torrent file is downloaded in "parts", joining fragments of one or more people, the more seeds a file has, the faster the download will be.


Therefore, whenever you can, try to download the file from a tracker with many seeds. If you connect to enough seeds, it will be very easy for your connection speed to go to maximum, and therefore, you will be able to download the torrent file very soon. We recommend that you order the list of results from more to less seeds. To do this, go to utorrent, download the file and go to the Trackers tab. Look at Seeds and check that the source with the most seeds appears first. If not, click on Seeds to change position.

3. Don't use your computer while torrenting

Although this seems very obvious, there are still users who want a specific torrent file to download very quickly, but while it does it they are downloading other things and using bandwidth-consuming tools or applications. We recommend that you do not use your computer whenever you need to download a torrent file in a matter of minutes.

4. Give your file the maximum bandwidth

If you need a specific torrent file from your list to download faster, you just have to look at how much bandwidth it has designated. As a general rule, it is set as normal, although you can assign it high bandwidth yourself, or low, whenever you want. Right click on the torrent file that you need to increase the bandwidth of and go to “Bandwidth allocation” or “Designate bandwidth”.


Next, display the date and select "High" or "High". This way, all available bandwidth will be focused on this particular file. We recommend that you only do it with a specific one and not with several, if you do not want the bandwidth to be divided between many files and thus the one you need to download faster takes longer than expected.

5. Watch the speed limits

You have everything well configured, but still your download does not exceed a few KB / s? It is possible that you have activated, or that it already comes by default, the speed limiter. To assign the speed you want to give to uTorrent downloads, go to Options, Preferences, bandwidth. From here, you have to notice that all the speed limit options are designated with “0”, since this means that there is no speed limit established for the climb or descent.


6. Check the transfer limiter

It is possible that inadvertently you have limited the speed of the downloads without even being aware of it. In fact, this is another frequent problem if you notice that your torrent files are downloading very slowly. Go back to Options, Preferences, and go to Limiter. Check that the "Enable transfer limiter" tab is not checked.


7. Make uTorrent start with your PC

If you use utorrent on a desktop PC, you can try a trick to make it work faster. Make the program start when the operating system boots. In this way, it will begin to get in the "virtual queue" to download as soon as you log in. Keep in mind that the more time you spend in this queue, the more pairs you will connect and the faster the download will be. However, not everything is positive, since while utorrent is on, it is very likely that other network functions will not work completely well.

To make uTorrent start as soon as the operating system starts, go to Options, General and check the box "start utorrent at Windows startup". When you turn on your PC, its green icon will appear on the tray.