Rumors about a 4-inch iPhone 7c


There is still a long way to go before the next (or next) iPhone is presented , but the truth is that by now, rumors have already begun to circulate that give us clues about its performance and launch characteristics. For a few days now, there has been talk about the possibility of Apple going back to its old ways with a four-inch device . It would be, according to new data, the iPhone 7c , a smartphone that would not have the great features of the iPhone 7 , but that would also be released from September 2016 . Instead of being called as iPhone 6c(This is what had been rumored until now), it would go on to incorporate a seven in its name and it would not be presented until later, probably coinciding with the launch of the new iPhone 7 . The launches, as you know, usually take place between September and October of each year.

But be careful, we are still facing unofficial information, probably provided by sources linked to manufacturers such as Foxconn . We do not have too much data, apart from the fact that the iPhone 7c will have a 4-inch screen integrated (practically returning to the older iPhone ) and would have a somewhat cheaper price, which could range between 400 and 500 dollars , an amount that could be exported as such to European countries. But we will see later.


The other major launch that will take place in 2016 will undoubtedly be the iPhone 7 . The rumors that have been published so far tell us about important improvements in 3D Touch technology , a feature capable of detecting the level of pressure we exert on the screen to start certain functions; a more durable battery and the possibility of having the necessary certifications to be a submersible or water and dust resistant phone. It seems, moreover, that there will be significant changes in the section of design: a thickness very small (between 6 and 6.5 millimeters ), and more powerful processor to 3 GB of RAM. It might not have any physics, but it does have a much more resistant material cover against the typical accidental bumps and scratches that occur with daily use.

Be that as it may, we must bear in mind that all the information that is being given for now is part of the chapters of rumors and that it is very likely that they will suffer constant variations over the coming months. This helps us, however, to configure the skeleton of the technical sheet of one of the most anticipated phones of 2016 .

And you, how do you think the new iPhone 7 will be ? Tell us about your ideas and wishes for the next Apple flagship .