Where to read books online for free

Where to read books online for free

Reading books online without having to download them is an increasingly widespread reality, with all the advantages that this implies. To begin with, we do not need to consume storage space on our device, in addition to having enormous mobility by being able to  access from any terminal to read .

If we stop to think about it, we have the possibility of  taking with us hundreds of thousands of literary works via  WiFi or mobile data.

So, if you are one of those who are looking for recommendations for websites to read books online for free , today we are going to review the best options that are currently available.

As a clarifying note before continuing, this list only includes platforms that respect copyright , either because they have express authorization from the owners of the work or because they are part of the cultural heritage. Now yes, we begin!


Public domain

We start with Public Domain, a website whose main objective is to collect all those works whose copyright has expired, thus  becoming the public domain .

So that you can see the scope of such a project, any user can use the texts that are  available in their catalog to make commercial editions on paper or eBook and profit from it if they want to. The only condition for its dissemination is to mention the original author as the creator of the work.

The website has a very functional design, without aesthetic frills. It has a menu with the different pages that make up the web and a collection of authors arranged alphabetically , which greatly facilitates your search.


Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library

The Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library is a gigantic bibliographic fund that brings together Spanish literary works with the purpose of  spreading Hispanic culture throughout the world .

On this website we will find works, not only in Spanish, but also written in  other languages ​​spoken in Spain , such as Catalan, Basque or Galician. We even have a section dedicated to the most representative authors and works of Latin American literature of all time.

The entire catalog of online books is accessible through the different sections of the web called "libraries": Joan Lluís Vives Library, Galician Literature Library, American Library, or Children's and Youth Literature Library, to name just a few.



eBiblio, is a network of public ebook libraries dependent on the Ministry of Culture and Sports that is distributed throughout the Spanish territory. A huge platform dedicated to the management and loan of digital content of all kinds, not just literary. In fact, we can find a huge catalog of ebooks, audios and videos, which together make up a total of 200,000 licenses.

As in municipal libraries, we must have a public library card to access the catalog. We can take up to 3 books at one time, and  have them with us for a maximum of 21 days .

many books

Many books

We now turn our gaze to alternatives in other languages. In this case, the Many Books website  has a very extensive catalog with more than 50,000 works in English , accessible to anyone who knows how to defend in the language of Shakespeare.

It sports a simple and neat interface, with a distribution of the different works according to different search criteria that is very useful to find what we are looking for : trends, author's selection, popular classics, etc.



We continue with another website whose content is in different languages, not only in Spanish. It is nothing less than a collection with more than 50 million digitized files that include not only books, but also music, graphic material, maps, manuscripts ... in short, everything.

It has a fairly comprehensive search tool that can help us find what we are looking for quickly and easily. Which is to be appreciated given the size of the archive on this website.


24 Symbols

24 Symbols is a digital book reading platform that combines fremium options with other payment options . The free option, in fact, has more than half a million references available for all digital devices. To access it, we will have to create a user account to be able to enjoy the service.

As for the paid one, it costs € 8.99 per month , and allows access to its complete catalog, without advertising and with unlimited downloads. In addition, there is no type of permanence.


Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project was born with the desire to make thousands of public domain texts available to millions of readers in an affordable format. Its creator, the late Michael S. Hart, was a pioneer who had the idea of ​​scanning all literary works to create a gigantic electronic library accessible to everyone .

Most of the available texts are in the public domain, although we can also find some with copyright. Although the page is entirely in English, it is possible to consult books available in more than 50 languages .

house book

The book house

Many of you know La Casa del libro for being the main chain of stores to buy books in our country. What some of you may not know is that it also has a free section from which you can  read eBooks directly on the same website .

The catalog is quite extensive, although it is not easy to navigate, since the works appear randomly grouped without a definition or criteria that are clear. Of course, to be able to enjoy the catalog, it is first mandatory to create a user profile .

With this assortment of websites to read books online for free, you won't have time to get bored this vacation while you spend your idle hours on the beach or in the mountains. Stay tuned because they are always updating their catalog with new references.