Samsung Smart Control, a very simple remote control to see everything

Samsung Smart Control

Samsung has just announced its Smart Control system , with which it is possible to access all games and audiovisual content using a single television remote. In addition, Smart Control integrates seamlessly with Smart Hub , the new version of the user interface that allows you to get the most out of 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs . The objective is to achieve a much more practical and intuitive entertainment experience that saves time in the preparation and handling of the devices.

A single remote control to access all content

Samsung Smart Control is a smart remote control developed by Samsung for its 2016 SUHD TVs . From this single device it is possible to control almost all the devices that are connected to the TV via HDMI . With it, it is possible to quickly search through the contents of different devices (be they games or other audiovisual content) and avoid wasting time by changing the control to operate different devices.

The most important feature of Samsung Smart Control is its ability to automatically detect devices and sources connected to the television , which allows almost immediate access to devices such as home theater systems, Blu-Ray or DVD players, game consoles. video games, decoders and even streaming audiovisual content services. There is no need to make any specific settings on the remote: just by connecting these devices to the smart TV, Samsung Smart Control can start working as a control tool for all devices from the same place.

Samsung Smart Control

The Samsung Smart Control remote only offers 10 buttons in addition to a central button for four-way scrolling . In addition, the remote control has an "Extra Button" with which information related to the selected content can be viewed at the moment on the screen:  Live Tweeting to know live what is being published about the program on Twitter, for example, or details and extended information about the participants of a reality show or the actors and actresses of an episode of a series.

Smart Hub, the user interface is renewed

The remote control also allows you to take full advantage of the new version of Smart Hub , the user interface of Samsung Smart TVs that allows all services and entertainment content to be integrated in one place. From the same platform, you can also access the programs of the payment services, the free-to-air television channels and all the devices connected to the television.

Smart Hub offers a global content search engine and a series of custom icons to quickly recognize and distinguish connected devices. In this way, and with the single remote control, the most interesting entertainment content can be found in a few seconds in a short time, without the need for prior configuration and without wasting time searching in different places or changing the remote control.