This is the trap to update your computer to Windows 10 for free

Windows 10

Microsoft's offer to upgrade computers to Windows 10 for free last week ended , but some users are resorting to a little trick to upgrade their computers at no additional cost. This is because Microsoft has made the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 available for users who need assistive technologies due to some kind of disability or difficulty.

The trap to keep downloading Windows 10 for free

Assistive technologies are systems that facilitate life and the use of computers for people with disabilities or with difficulties in handling computers. This is a very extensive set of functions, such as voice description of the content on the screen,  voice dictation , enlarging the font size with extra-large fonts to facilitate readability on the screen , etc.

All Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who need this type of technology in their day to day can still enjoy the possibility of updating their computers to Windows 10 for free. And since there is no real control over the type of users who request the update (it is not verified if they really are people with disabilities or difficulties who will need these technologies), there are people who are taking advantage to update to Windows 10 for free even after Microsoft's offer term expired .

Windows Accessibility

To carry out the update, you just have to access the Accessibility page of the  device  and select the Update now option  . This will start the download of the update package to Windows 10 , and you just have to open it with a double click and follow the steps for installation.

Obviously, an ethical question comes into play in this process: is it really necessary to impersonate a person with a disability to enjoy a free operating system update? Microsoft offered a period (quite long, by the way) so that any user could make the change without paying.

On the other hand, the company has made it clear that this possibility will also have an expiration date, although at the moment it is not known for how long it will remain available for free. Microsoft has explained that it will announce the deadline in a statement so that all users with disabilities are aware in advance.

Advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to Windows 10

As we told you some time ago in this article , upgrade your computer to  Windows 10 offers a number of interesting advantages but also some disadvantages, so you should consider whether you really want to take that step or if we prefer to wait as long as possible.

Among the pros of the update are the new assistant  Cortana , the new browser  Microsoft Edge  "" goodbye to Internet Explorer! "" Or security enhancements. However, some apps installed on older versions of Windows might stop working, and it's not especially easy to go back after upgrading to  Windows 10 .