Archos announces new smartwatches for Android and iOS

Archos smart watches

The French electronics company Archos has wanted to close the year in style by announcing that by 2014 it will launch its own line of smart watches. This new line of products also includes sports bracelets that have given so much to talk about in recent weeks. The most remarkable thing about these smart watches would be their price, since Archos has announced that their smartwatches will start at 60 euros .

Smart watches fall into the category of portable wristband products that Archos is planning to launch on the market for next year, as has become known from a press release from the company itself. The first wristband product mentioned in this press release is the famous sports wristband . This product would be launched in three different versions:

  • Archos Connected Scale . It allows you to create up to four different profiles and tracks the weight loss of each user to help you lose weight optimally. This bracelet includes an internal memory to prevent data from being lost between each synchronization.
  • Archos Activity Tracker . Monitor the steps taken throughout the day and the calories burned. It includes a battery that allows up to seven days of use, and is recharged via USB .
  • Archos Blood Pressure Monitor . It records all the information of the blood circulation and also monitors the heartbeat. It also includes a warning in the event that an irregular heartbeat is detected. It is the most suitable bracelet for the elderly and people with heart problems.

All these products will be connected to the mobile through the Archos Connected Self App .

Archos smart watches

But the most remarkable thing of all is the announcement of several models of smart watches below 100 euros . Archos does not specify any particular information regarding this product, but it does indicate that it will be compatible with both the operating system Android as the operating system iOS from Apple . If this news is confirmed, we would be facing a new range of smart watches that probably would not offer the same functions as Samsung's Galaxy Gear . Still, the Archos watches would be interesting for all those who want to get into “wristband technology” without paying the 250 euro.s that costs the smartwatch of the South Korean company.

And when will we know the exact details of all these Archos products ? The French company has confirmed that it will be present at the next CES 2014 and it will be there where it will present all these novelties. Let's remember that CES 2014 is a technology fair that takes place in Las Vegas between January 7 and 10, 2014 . In this fair they will also be seen giants of the sector such as Sony , Samsung and LG among many others. All large companies are expected to surprise visitors with some important novelty within the mobile telephony sector (smartphones, tablets, watches and bracelets, etc.).