Sony OLED A1E, another bet on an OLED TV with up to 77 inches

sony oled a1e cover

It looks like LG will have some tough competition this year in the high-end OLED TVs . If until now the proposals of the Korean company were practically unique in the market, the year 2017 promises to be very interesting for users looking for one of these televisions. The already announced Panasonic EZ1000 is now joined by the proposal of another of the large Japanese manufacturers. The Sony OLED A1E is the first OLED TV launched by the Japanese company, which has decided to enter this market through the front door. The new Sony proposal will be available in 55, 65 and 77 inches , incorporates Dolby Vision technology for HDRand it is governed by the Android operating system . We are going to know the characteristics of the new Sony OLED A1E .

The new Sony Bravia XBR-A1E OLED (full name of the creature) combines the excellence of OLED panels with the magnificent 4K HDR X1 Extreme image processor that we could already enjoy on last year's spectacular Sony ZD9 . This processor incorporates three image enhancement technologies to try to provide the best viewing experience: Object-Based HDR Remastering4K HDR Super Bit Mapping, and Dual Data Processing . But the image processor is not alone, as the company has also used its well - known Triluminos technology to improve color accuracy and the 4K X-Reality PRO system. to scale content from any source.

sony oled a1e rear

In addition to all the image enhancement technology of the company, the new  Sony Bravia XBR-A1E OLED has received a new design and a particular sound system, which they have called "Acoustic Surface" . Taking advantage of the OLED's non-backlit structure, the entire length of the screen has been used as a loudspeaker , thus avoiding placing them on the sides or at the bottom of the panel. This ingenious design allows, according to the company, that the unification between image and sound is perfect, since the sound emanates directly from the screen .

Como es lógico, este sistema de sonido afecta al diseño. El panel se lleva todo el protagonismo y no veremos altavoces por ningún lado. El resto de elementos del televisor, como las conexiones y el subwoofer, quedan ocultos en una espectacular peana que se coloca en la parte trasera del televisor.

sony oled a1e side

The new Sony OLED televisions also feature a Smart TV system. The Japanese company continues to bet on the Android TV operating system , which will allow us to access a large number of applications and games that are not available on other platforms, through the Google Play Store . In addition, the company has included the PlayStation Vue and Ultra services , exclusive to Sony . A voice control system has been implemented to search for content and control the television, and Chromecast support has also been incorporated , with which we can easily send content from our smartphone or tablet.

At the moment the company has not communicated prices or launch dates of its new  Sony Bravia XBR-A1E OLED .