Sony Xperia Tablet Z will have Full HD screen and 4-core processor

sony xperia tablet z discovered

A new tablet is about to join the Sony catalog . Currently the Sony Xperia Tablet S is sold which is waterproof and could be a very good candidate for foodies. However, a new one could be added to this model, and although it is not yet official, the technical characteristics of what is known as Sony Xperia Tablet Z are already known .

At CES 2013 only new smartphones were presented, among which the Sony Xperia Z stands out . So it is said that the perfect setting for an official presentation of the new Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be the next Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona (Spain). And although the first images have not come to light, some of its characteristics are already known.

sony xperia tablet z features

Apparently, and according to an Asian medium, the new team would have a 10.1-inch diagonal screen showing a maximum resolution of Full HD ; In other words: 1920 x 1080 pixels. Of course, the BRAVIA Engine technology would also be present, as it happens in the rest of the range. To all this, a reinforced chassis would be added that would be resistant to both water and dust; something that happens with the current tablet model and with the Sony Xperia Z , which would also receive a very slim chassis. Perhaps, another of the points to highlight are its physical buttons: one of those responsible for the company commented that the new button on their latest smartphonesit would be a sign of identity in future teams. And this tablet can be one of them.

Meanwhile, in the most technical part, there would be a quad-core processor with a working frequency of 1.5 GHz , leaving behind the dual-core that the current model mounts. And it would be accompanied by a two Gigabyte RAM memory to make it more agile on a day-to-day basis. Also, its internal storage space would reach the figure of 32 GigaBytes "" it is possible that there are different versions for sale "", as well as being able to use MicroSD memory cards.

As far as connections are concerned, this Sony Xperia Tablet Z would receive different next-generation standards: Bluetooth 4.0, high-speed WiFi, NFC ( Near Field Communication ), and depending on the market, it is very possible that it also comes with the option of an LTE module ”” also known as 4G ””; something that is not surprising since the Sony Xperia Tablet S also has a WiFi version and a version that combines WiFi and 3G networks to be able to surf from anywhere.

Finally, this device would also be based on Google icons. And as noted, the version with which it would be released is Android 4.1.2 . Also, the release date points to the second half of the year , so the version of the operating system could change by then. Of course, as we already indicated, the fair held in Barcelona at the end of next February could be the perfect setting to show the claims of the Japanese company in the field of touch tablets.