10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Windows 10 has an app store. It may be that many of us do not give importance to it or that we directly pass from it since we can install programs without more. But the Windows 10 store has some interesting applications that we can install on our computer quickly and directly.

We have compiled 10 applications that we find the most useful and interesting. We have grouped them into categories as they are varied. They range from applications to view streaming multimedia content to applications to help us maintain order and organize ourselves in our day to day life. If you want to know more, keep reading, surely you will end up installing one.

Applications in the Windows 10 store to enjoy streaming content


Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming content platforms, accumulating millions of users around the world. It has a large number of movies, series and documentaries. The application is not only available for Android or iOS phones, but we can also find it in the Windows 10 store . But of course, on computers we can already watch Netflix through the browser we use.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

What is interesting are the advantages that the application offers compared to using the browser to watch content on Netflix. The main advantage it offers is the possibility of downloading the content to watch it later. This feature is not new but was only found on mobile devices. If we use the Netflix application from the Windows 10 store, we can have the favorite chapters of the series that we are watching on our computer and see them on a larger screen and without the need for an internet connection.


110 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

With Spotify the same thing happens with Netflix. They are more than well-known content platforms and we can install their program that we download from their website or install the Windows 10 store version. In this case the benefits are more aesthetic, no functionalities are gained. In fact, it works the same way. But if we are used to a more mobile-like interface, we will like the Windows 10 store application better. Furthermore, it is less work than having to look for the program's installation package.


Kodi is the holy grail of streaming content. The most geeks will know what I mean when I say that anything is possible with Kodi if you have enough time and the desire to investigate its almost infinite possibilities. This application that we find in the Windows 10 store will allow us to see series, movies, documentaries, payment channels and a long etcetera.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Its main drawback is that it needs a minimum knowledge when it comes to being configured, since the application itself is completely empty. We, the users, have to search for our lives and investigate to find the different repositories that we will add and unlock their functionalities. Although it seems difficult in reality it is not since there are currently thousands of online guides that detail step by step what to do to properly configure Kodi.

Apps in the Windows 10 store for photo editing

Paint 3D

Paint did not disappear, it has returned with a totally different design and with new features. Paint is possibly one of the applications that causes the most nostalgia. We've all used it to do simple edits or even hang out when there was no internet. But Paint 3D is no longer that application to look over your shoulder and think that it is of little use.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Paint 3D is not actually installed on new computers, if we want it we have to go to the Windows 10 store and download it ourselves. Once we download it, we will see that it is different and not for bad, but now it offers features that the previous one did not have. And that it is also perfectly capable of fulfilling as a basic editor for everyday tasks.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is the quintessential company in editing software, both for video and photography. In the Windows 10 store we have at our disposal Adobe Photoshop Express which is a more advanced editor than Paint 3D and offers practically all the features of its desktop counterpart. One of its advantages is being a free application.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

That it is free is its main advantage since if we wanted the desktop application we would have to pay the monthly fee that Adobe requests. Of course, being free it also has its limitations, very specific functionalities will not be available. But otherwise, it is a highly recommended application for any photography and editing enthusiast.

Must-have apps in the Windows 10 store


10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

We know that many of you already use this media player. It is the best known and the quintessential choice when installing a player on your computer. This is because it supports a very large number of formats, as well as being lightweight and easy to use. Its counterpart in the Windows 10 store is more similar to the application of mobile devices so we have a more compact design, but without losing features. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended option since we will not have to search the internet for the program and download it, but we have it available in the store and just one click away.

Zip Unlock

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Unzipping files is always a headache, you have to look for a program that is safe, lightweight and capable of doing it. In the Windows 10 store we have this application that is capable of decompressing different types of files. Its design is intuitive so it is easy to use . In addition, it is lightweight and is easily found within a click of installation in the store without the need to search online.


This application may sound familiar to many since it is available in the different stores of mobile devices. What this application does is help us stay organized, in it we can write down different events, reminders, tasks. Once highlighted we can mark them as "completed" and thus keep track and better organization.

10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

It is synchronized with our Google account so if we have it on the mobile we will also have all the events in the computer application. It is highly recommended for those whose Microsoft calendar is not enough and it is also just a click away from the Windows 10 store.


10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

If we have ever wanted to see the lyrics of a song that is playing and we thought it would be a good idea to have a floating window appear to tell us, Musixmacth is the perfect application for you. It is already more than known on mobile devices and what it does is put the lyrics of the song we are listening to, the lyrics change as the music progresses. It is available in the Windows 10 store.

Apps in the Windows 10 store for social networks


10 apps worth installing from the Windows 10 store

Instagram doesn't need introductions. It is one of the most famous and most used social networks. Its biggest but was that we needed a mobile device to use it. Now it is no longer necessary, we can install the version from the Windows 10 store. Its interface is a mix between the mobile version and the web version. But without a doubt it perfectly fulfills its mission, we can see the stories of the people we follow, like the photos and gossip a little that never hurts.