Sony A3000, the mirrorless camera that looks like a SLR

Sony A3000

One only has to look at it to think that we have a reflex camera in front of us . But appearances can be deceiving, and the Sony A3000 does not have a mirror or anything like it . Despite the fact that it brings the name of Sony's high-end camera range , Alpha, the A3000 belongs more to the NEX range, that of compact mirrorless cameras. With them not only does it share many of its characteristics, but it also uses its objectives. The Japanese brand invented this camera to compete against entry-level SLRs, with discreet features but with a very contained price and an aesthetic reminiscent of professional cameras.

Has an APS-C sensor 20 megapixels , capable of generating images up  to 5456 x 3632 points. This is a huge image, with which we could get large paper prints. To get an idea, if we printed a photo in high quality (300 dots per inch), we could get an image of up to 46 x 31 centimeters, much more than what we usually see in family albums.

Sony A3000

As we have said, it uses the E lenses, those of the NEX range of compact mirrorless, instead of the A, typical of DSLR and SLT cameras. Taking into account its size, it is not such a surprising fact, and despite having a marked SLR aesthetic, its size is rather small compared to that of mirror cameras. The E lens range has around twenty models, including fixed, wide-angle and telephoto lenses. In addition, there is always the possibility of getting an adapter to use A-range lenses on these cameras.

But we have said that we do not have a mirror, so to see what we are photographing we have to rely on an electronic viewfinder. The Sony A3000 has one that provides 100% coverage, and has a resolution of 201600 dots . It is not a SLR, but the sensations when taking photos are similar. In fact, using the viewfinder, with the face close to the camera, and the grip with the manual controls help a lot in this field.

Sony A3000

But if it looks like a SLR it would make it a starter one, and although the technical characteristics are not bad, they respond more to the values ​​that we expect from a camera for amateurs than those that we would find in a high-end range . Sensor sensitivity reaches ISO 16,000, and it has a 25-point focus system . More discreet is the burst speed, 2.5 images per second . The rear screen has a three-inch diagonal and a relatively low resolution of about 230,000 dots. It also has the possibility of recording video in Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) at 50i or 25p.

But discreet is also the price it will have in stores. It will cost 400 euros, including a basic 18-55mm zoom lens. It will be available from next month, but you can already reserve here .