SPC Glee 7, a powerful and very economical tablet

SPC Glee 7

The new Glee 7 tablet from SPC , the Spanish consumer electronics company, stands out above all for its price, which does not even reach 100 euros, and for its ultra-fast boot capacity. Without a doubt, the SPC Glee 7 is one of the cheapest tablets on the market and has technical characteristics that have nothing to envy to the rest of the tablets on the market.

The SPC Glee 7 is an Android device and has a Cortex A7 quad-core processor that runs at a speed of 1.2GHz . It also has a 1GB RAM , enough for the use that is given to a tablet. It also has a Power VR SGX graphics processor . All these technical specifications make the SPC Glee 7fast and functional tablet on the same level as its competition.

As for the internal storage of the SPC Glee 7 it is somewhat limited , it has 8GB . However, it can be expanded as it has a microSD card slot, where you can add up to 32GB more . In this way we would have more than enough space to store all kinds of content, from videos to photographs and documents. At the connectivity level, the SPC Glee 7 has an HDMI input, a USB port, and with the USB OTG function (with cable included) to be able to connect the tablet to other types of external devices, such as a keyboard. Of course, the SPC Glee 7It also has WiFi and Miracast connections . The latter allows the tablet screen to be shared with other screens that also have it, similar to Bluetooth .

SPC Glee 7

Regarding the design, it is a light and elegant tablet . With a weight of approximately 300gr , the front is black and the rear is made of aluminum , which gives it an elegant touch and also greater resistance to shocks or scratches that it may suffer.

The screen is 7 inches and has a quality HD with a resolution of 1024 x 600 MegaPixel that, on a screen of this size, results in a good image quality. The SPC Glee 7 comes with the latest update of Google's operating system , that is, with version 4.2.2, also known as Android KitKat . The Spanish company SPC aims to improve the experience of its users by offering an after-sales service through which you can find all the system updates that come out as time goes by.

Finally, the SPC Glee 7 has a front camera , to be able to use it in video calls and applications like Skype. This is the only camera it has, so, in this regard, this tablet looks quite limited.

In this way, the Spanish consumer electronics brand,  SPC is launched on the tablet market with a powerful model, which thanks to its quad-core processor allows a boot capacity of just 8 seconds, at a very economical price, which it does not exceed 100 euros .