Donald Trump's funniest tech memes

Donald trump

Is the man of the moment. A real scourge to the intelligence of American voters , capable of arousing passions wherever it goes. A defender of the most outdated and outdated values ​​of the great "white America" , that retrograde paradise where foreigners do not fit, global warming or doubts about Donald Trump's hair ... Because it does not fit, it may not even have a place Internet. Because among many other things, Trump has left us many pearls to remember about new technologies, Apple or Bill Gates's ability to shut down the Internet . We have decided to collect five of the funniest Donald Trump memes .

A review that begins strong, with one of the most powerful electoral promises we have seen in recent decades. It is evident that the use of the Internet is a serious problem, due to the use of this tool by ISIS terrorists and all kinds of radical organizations . But of course, the solutions given to this issue are usually too ambiguous and ineffective ... Until he arrived. One call to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and everything is fixed.

Meme Bill Gates and Donald Trump

You probably get the impression that Donald Trump is an enemy of free speech. Nothing is further from reality. And if not, tell it to your hairstyle.

Donald Trump hairstyle

It is not the funniest, but we could not miss the opportunity to mention the latest technological news surrounding Donald Trump. The Anonymous hackers have just “declared war” on him and have even announced that they will tear down his website on April 1. Of course, Trump is well prepared to face this threat and knows the real identity of the leaders of Anonymous ...

Meme Donald Trump Anonymous

At some point, someone will have to explain to Donald Trump how the Internet works ...

Donald trump meme

No kidding. To say that Donald Trump has no idea of ​​technology is a contradiction in terms. Just write "Donald Trump computer" in Google images and we will have hundreds of examples that we are facing a true man of the 21st century, master of new technologies ... Or something like that.

donald trump meme 05

Who wouldn't want such a candidate to decide the fate of one of the most powerful nations in the world? Well, that, we hope sanity prevails and Donald Trump does not go beyond being an anecdote in a footnote of the strangest chapters of politics. Above all, because it is not as silly as it seems.