How to know when the 2016 Income is returned to me by mobile

How to know when the 2016 Income is returned to me by mobile

On June 5, the 2016 Income campaign began . If you are a taxpayer and you are obliged to present the income statement, you will have time until June 30. The most advisable thing, in any case, is to do the paperwork as soon as possible.

Why? Well, because the first returns that the Tax Agency usually makes are those of those taxpayers who have filed the return first. Even more agile are those of those who have limited themselves to declaring what they put in the draft . That the data that the Treasury knows is fair.

Once the return is presented, you can check the status of the return online . You have the option of doing it through the computer. But you can also carry out the same procedure from your mobile. Especially if it is more comfortable for you.

Next, we tell you how to check the 2016 Income refund by mobile.

2016 income mobile return

How to know when the 2016 Income is returned to me by mobile

1. The first option is to check the status of the return from your mobile . This is simple, because you have to do exactly the same thing you would do from any computer. Access the 2016 Income page from your phone.

2. Next, you will see the same menu that you see from your computer . What you have to do is click on the option Return query. It is right next to the one for the processing of the draft and the Web Rent.

3. Choose the option with which you want to identify yourself. The simplest is: With reference number . Now you will have to fill in the form with the identification data. Enter your DNI number and the access reference.

4. If you cannot find the access reference, you will have to return to the messaging application and retrieve the code assigned to you by the Tax Agency . It is the same one that you will use to do all the paperwork, so it is important to keep it. When you find it, copy it and paste it to the indicated section. Press the Login button.

5. Next, you will have to access the return consultation section . This is the processing status. Here you should see one of these messages: "Your return is being processed", "Your return is being checked", "Your return has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating the refund requested by you", and so on.

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How to receive alerts about the return of 2016 Income

Another interesting option, if you don't want to be manually checking the return , is to activate the mobile alerts. In this way, the Tax Agency will send you via SMS any change that occurs in the status of your 2016 Income refund.

Either way, by being registered with a reference number, the Treasury will have your phone number . This means that you can receive alerts directly to the mobile by default, without having to configure anything.

However, if you want to activate the SMS notifications for all the procedures related to your procedures in the Tax Agency, you can also give yourself an alert in the alerts service .

1. To activate them, access the section Notices to the mobile of the Tax Agency .

2. Select the AEAT Notices Subscription option . To access, select the Reference number mode. You must enter the same number that you have been sent to manage everything related to Income. Enter your ID number and this code.

3. Once inside, you will have to click on the Register button . It is about you signing up for the subscription service that interests you. You have different options for Rent Notices: Rent Notices, Sending Rent box.

4. Click on the option and activate it. You should receive notifications as changes occur in the state of return, directly to your mobile.