HP Laserjet Pro M201dw, we've tested it

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

The  HP Laserjet Pro M201dw is a printer laser for SMB printing in black and white. This machine achieves good speeds of up to 26 pages per minute, which speeds up office printing tasks. In addition, it has a very compact format that makes it an ideal companion for small offices and desks. But surely the greatest attraction of this printer is that it is one of the first on the market to incorporate Mopria certification . This technology allows us to print wirelessly from an Android mobile or tablet without the need to install any type of dedicated application or driver. The HP Laserjet Pro M201dwIt can be found on the market over the next few weeks for a price of 180 euros . We have had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth, we will tell you our impressions.

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

Good print speeds

The HP Laserjet Pro M201dw laser printer  knows exactly what it is playing. And it does it well. This printer specifically aimed at SMEs and the self-employed focuses on black and white printing . If we agree to this limitation, we will find a fast and reliable device capable of speeds of up to 26 pages per minute . This figure is very competitive for typical print jobs. In addition, this is combined with a very remarkable time of just 8 secondsto launch the first print, so users who typically print low-page documents will not see performance greatly affected. All with the ability to print double-sided as standard.

As for the print quality of this model, it is placed at 1200 dpi. In general, it is a sufficient quality for day-to-day prints, although it does not reach the same quality as other more advanced models of the brand. As we said a moment ago, the HP Laserjet Pro M201dw is designed for SMEs and freelancers who do not have very demanding printing capabilities. Its maximum monthly cycle is 8,000 impressions per month. However, as usual, HP recommends staying in a lower range of between 500 and 2,000 pages to ensure the correct operation of the equipment throughout its life.

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

The Mopria era

One of the main draws this printer comes with is being one of the first with Mopria certification . You probably haven't heard of this protocol yet, developed jointly by the leading manufacturers in the industry. But hopefully it will soon be rolled out across the vast majority of printers on the market. The concept is simple. Create a common protocol so that users can print from their mobile or tablet without having to download any type of dedicated application(each manufacturer currently has its own app). The print menu is integrated into the mobile device itself, and in just a couple of clicks the document can be printed. The two necessary requirements are that the mobile or tablet has Android 4.4 KitKat version or higher installed , and that the printer and the mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.

We have tested this feature through a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the dynamics is really simple and fast, even ahead of printing through a PC (after all, you always have to install the driver of the printer). Just open the context menu in an Android app and then click on "Print". Of course, Mopria is still in an intermediate step, since other manufacturers such as Sony or Acer with whom we did the test do not yet have this service activated by default on their phones with Android 4.4 KitKat . In these cases, it is necessary to download the "Mopria Print Service"from the app store and activate it. Although it is still heavier, we can then print on any Mopria certified printer without the need for further downloads.

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

Layout and paper tray

In the field of design, the first thing that stands out about this printer is its compact size. Specifically, the  HP Laserjet Pro M201dw has dimensions of  38.4 x 28 x 25 cm and a weight of 6.6 kilos . That makes it much easier to install it in any corner of the office without being annoying. The American company uses a classic black design with quite square shapes. To control the options of this printer manually we have a small two-line LCD screenand four function buttons. It is a very simple menu, although at first it was difficult for us to get hold of the controls. One of the curiosities of this design is the powerful brightness of the LCD screen and the printer's on-off button, which has also been covered with an LED light of the same color as the panel. This feature gives a modern and differentiating touch to the team.

For paper loading, this HP printer uses up to a 250-sheet paper tray and a 150-sheet output tray . The density of the paper with which it can work ranges between 60 and 163 grams.

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

Advanced connectivity

We have already advanced the most attractive connection of the team, its compatibility with Mopria . However, the HP Laserjet Pro M201dw includes other interesting capabilities. To connect it to the office network, it incorporates WiFi or Ethernet . In addition, we can also take advantage of HP ePrint technologyfrom the American company. This technology associates a unique email address with the printer. To print a document from anywhere in the world, the user only has to send an email with the document attached to the printer with a computer with a network connection, be it computers, smartphones, tablets or other smart devices. Of course, this technology has the limitation that it does not allow double-sided printing . The last of the connections that should be noted is a USB 2.0 port .

Price and reviews

The HP Laserjet Pro M201dw will hit the market throughout the month of October for a price of around 180 euros. In short, it is a team that has a very clear idea that it develops in an outstanding way. An agile team to print black and white documents in a short time and that has also been designed to make life easier for mobile professionals. And is that users who have an Android smartphone or tablet can print their documents in just a couple of clicks without major complications. All this with a very compact design that facilitates its installation in the office.

HP Laserjet Pro M201dw

ModelHP Laserjet Pro M201dw


SpeedUp to 26 ppm
Color / MonoMonochrome
ResolutionUp to 1200 dpi
First impression8 seconds
Maximum monthly cycle8,000 impressions per month
Recommended cycleBetween 500 and 2,000 impressions


Dimensions38.4 x 28 x 25 cm
Weight6.6 kilos
screenTwo line LCD
OthersBright on / off button

Other functions


Paper handling

Inbox250 sheets
Outbox150 sheets
Automatic document feederNot
Supported thicknessesBetween 60 and 163 grams


USB ports1 x USB 2.0
Mobile printingMopria (with Android devices from 4.4 KitKat), Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint

Consumption and consumables 

Functioning450 watts
Ready2.2 watts

+ info

Release dateOctober
Manufacturer's websiteHP

Price 180 euros