How to change your marital status on Facebook without being notified on your board


On many occasions you want to tell the world that you are in love and that you have a new partner. That is why you may want to publish it through your social networks like Facebook , Twitter or Instagram . However, when the relationship has lasted a short time, or you do not want to tell people that you have broken up, it is more difficult to change your romantic situation to "Single" . However, for everything there is a solution. In this article we teach you how to change your marital status on Facebook without it being published on your board . To do this, you just have to follow the steps that we indicate below.

First, you must go to your Facebook Profile page . Later, you must go to the left part of the screen where it says Information . It's just below your main photo . Now, you have to click on it.

Later, if you lower the cursor a little, you will see a box that says Relationship . There, you will see your current romantic relationship that, if you place the mouse over it, it will turn grayish . When you are in this tone, click .

Then, you will see how you can edit your current marital status if you display the menu on your left . Thus, you can change your status from "Have a relationship" to "Single" or vice versa. Now is the time to pay attention, because if you don't want it to be posted on the board, the next step is essential.


Right next to the change you just made is a box with a double-sided icon . Click on it and you will see how a panel is displayed that says: Public, Friends, Only me and Personalized . If you want the whole world to know about this change, you must click Public . With this option, anyone who enters your profile will be able to see your marital status. You can also configure this function if you want it to be visible only to the people you have as contacts on Facebook , giving it to Friends .

There is a third function, which is Personalized , in which you can block specific people or lists that you have previously created from this notification . You can also let only a few people you select see the post. If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is not to see the change in your timeline , you must give the third option, Only me . Finally, you must Save Changes .

Since now, officially on social networks, you have changed your sentimental situation but , just in case, check it by going to the Facebook publications page or your profile . You should be cautious with these types of options offered by the social network because cybercriminals use this type of credential to hack your accounts and, what better way to look for it on your social networks? Therefore, we recommend that you do not publish your marital status on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other Internet site where anyone can access it. It is much safer to leave your private life for the offline world.