10 must-see movies to watch on Netflix

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A few days ago we developed a list of the best series you could see this summer on the platform of streaming Netflix , today we make a hole at the top ten films that can currently be found in the application of your smart TV or tablet. Ten absolutely essential films.


Untouchable was from its launch a cult film . The French production directed by Éric Toledano and Oliver Nakache premiered in 2011 and tells the story of a French aristocrat billionaire who suffers from quadriplegia and his caregiver , a young man of sub-Saharan origin from the underworld of the Parisian outermost periphery. A dramatic comedy interpreted by Franí§ois Cluzet and Omar Sy , which delves into French cultural diversity, the immense economic gaps of French society and the irreversibly transversal character of the human being. A film that had a budget of just ten million euros and raised more than 400.

Beasts of No Nation

Cary Joji Fukunaga directs and writes this film based on the eponymous novel by Uzodinma Iweala. Set in western sub-Saharan Africa, it tells the story of Agu, a young man who loses his family during the civil war that has ravaged the country for years. Where he is forced to enlist in the ranks of a rebel defense force. A drama that focuses on the harshness of the hardest and most underdeveloped Africa that lives in a permanent state of civil wars and ethnic confrontations. Last year the film in which the actor Idris Elba participates received a good number of nominations for the most prestigious awards in the world of cinema in the category of best supporting actor.

Band of robbers

Following the path opened by the Oceans saga, Band of Robbers is a film that shows us a group of robbers from a humorous and fun point of view. Critically regarded as a 21st-century revision of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Hucleberry Finn . Following the line of these nineteenth-century novels, it tells the story of two friends who want to get hold of a treasure that they have pursued since childhood. A film directed by brothers Aaron and Adam Nee and the latter is also the protagonist who playing Tom Sawyer. A film with an alternative character and that has just landed on Netflix.


A dystopian film in which the protagonist, faced with the threat of an imminent dismissal from the bio-engineering company where she works, is forced to make a drastic decision: to personally participate in a drastic experiment. The film will be available exclusively through Netflix from June 23. Written and directed by American Jennifer Phang, it makes its debut on the streaming platform with a film that received high praise after its premiere at the Sundance festival, the summit of American alternative and independent cinema. A film to stir consciences to the ethical dilemmas of the short-term future and how personal economic needs govern our lives.


A devastating psychological thriller in which fifty strangers wake up together, imprisoned inside a chamber they cannot get out of and forming a circle. As in a nightmare, their captors are mixed with each other, whom they must identify in order to survive. Like when we were little we played cops and robbers, but with a bloody death in between. A macabre game in the viewer is trapped with the members of the circle, since it is a film with only one scene, so it creates a feeling of claustrophobia and contagious overwhelm. A very high tension filmin which every two minutes the members of the circle decide that someone has to die. Another film emanating from American independent cinema (a Netflix specialty) directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.

The Chosen Ones

We continue with the best independent cinema options offered by the extensive Netflix catalog. A Mexican film directed by David Pablos and with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna as executive producer . A film that aims to immerse itself fully in the harsh reality of the underworld of the Aztec country in which prostitution and human trafficking are the order of the day. In Las Elegido (title in Spanish) a 14-year-old girl is forced into prostitution like so many other girls her age. Instead, Ulises, a member of the family business, falls in love with her and tries to get her out of these shady businesses, even if it is with the opposition of the family. A slow and very dense film that recreates in the harshness of this harsh reality.

6 years

The synopsis can offer us a somewhat gimmicky vision of this American independent film. A couple that has been in a relationship for six years sees their future falter before the eminent graduation of both. What in Hollywood cinema would be a bunch of drunks getting out of phase in a brotherhood, in 6 years we have a dramatic version of how our decisions affect our lives. One of those clairvoyant films that teach us a part of life that sometimes, with direct nerves, we do not weigh properly. A film that, although its argument is based on the so-called "first world problems", sensibly tackles a tirade in which many young people are faced with the leap into the void of finishing academic studies.


A French-made short film directed by JR (Jean René) and starring Robert De Niro . At a time when "Donald trumpism" is penetrating deep America, this short traces the past of its protagonist, an immigrant "one of those who have built the United States . " Through the abandoned hospital on Ellis Island, the entry point a thousand times portrayed in American cinema as the entry point of immigration to the continent, the film is a hymn to how immigrants have shaped the physiognomy of the American people. One of the highest rated products in the entire Netflix catalog.


A science fiction thriller in which the protagonist sees how a mysterious and unknown woman wants to steal the patent for his invention. This forces him to travel to the past to try to change the future, where he will find surprises that he certainly does not expect. Atmospheric retrofuturism that envelops the viewer in its psychological nebula. An auteur film directed by Jacob Gentry.

The Eichmann Show

A historical film based on the events that occurred in 1961, the year in which the trial against him against Nazi colonel Adolf Eichmann was broadcast live from the city of Jerusalem. The narration of some historical events that were a milestone in the history of television in America in the sixties. A BBC production.