8 antiplagiarism programs to detect plagiarism online

programs to detect plagiarism online

The current situation due to the coronavirus has forced education systems around the world to take the telematic route to teach online classes. This has also forced the creation of different platforms to present works online: TGF, Word documents, university papers ... Often these platforms have anti-plagiarism tools that allow detecting plagiarism of texts, citations and sources. Luckily, there are dozens of pages and antiplagiarism programs that allow us to anticipate these tools to detect plagiarism, as we will see below.

PlagScan, with up to 2,000 free words

This payment tool gives us up to 2,000 words for free, or what is the same, 20 PlagPoints, the currency used by the platform to pay for the use of its functions. The greatest advantage of this website is that it produces complete reports on the percentage of plagiarism in the texts , as well as a list of the web pages that are mentioned in the plagiarism detected by the tool.

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Viper, the best alternative to Turnitin

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This is how Viper is announced, a powerful online anti-plagiarism tool that allows us to analyze, at least in theory, up to 30,000 words a week for free. It also has different payment versions whose system is based on credits. These credits, in turn, will allow us to analyze a certain number of characters and words.

For the rest, Viper stands out for having more than 10,000 million sources in its database . It also has the advantage that all analyzes are carried out privately, that is, they are not uploaded to any cloud.

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Plagiarism Checker by Dupli Checker

antiplagiarism online online

Although the page is in English, Plagiarism Checker, from the people of Dupli Checker, is capable of detecting plagiarism in Spanish and, in general, in any other language that is thrown at it .

We can copy and paste texts of up to 1,000 words or upload a document in Word, PDF, Doc or DocX format, among many others. The web will automatically show us the percentage of plagiarism in a personalized report along with the sources to which it refers. No registrations or payment gateways. Of course, the web has a lot of publicity. It is the price to pay for searching for plagiarism for free.

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PaperRater, a 100% free anti-plagiarism

One of the few completely free plagiarism programs. Like the previous tool, PaperRate is fully English, yet it supports virtually any language.

It has two types of analysis, one more agile and the other more rigorous but slow at the same time . It also has different customization options that allow us to adjust the analysis to the type of document or job. Educational level (ESO, Baccalaureate, Degree, Master ...), type of document (Essay, Thesis, Letter, Analysis ...) and a long etcetera.

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Plagiarism, another partially free antiplagiarism

This website of British origin comes as another free antiplag detector, or rather, partially free. In theory, text analysis is limited to 2,000 characters . However, if we register on the web, we can analyze up to three documents per day.

It also has an affiliate system that gives us up to $ 5 credit for each person who registers with our link . It also has a program for Windows of only 4.2 MB of step. Its functionality replicates, in essence, the functionality of the web.

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Copyleaks, for students and any type of text

No, Copyleaks has nothing to do with Wikileaks. This website comes as a multifunctional tool capable of analyzing texts of a different nature. Its focus is not limited to the academic field, but is open to any type of text that has a presence on the Internet: SEO texts, marketing campaigns, web pages, research papers, laws and so on. It is paid, although it supports document analysis with up to 10 pages of content.

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Quetext, the simplest antiplagios of all

Probably the simplest plagiarism detector of all. Whithout ads. No pop-up messages . Just write or paste the text that we want to analyze and click on the relevant button. The web will automatically analyze all suspicious phrases and sources in the document to compare them with its internal sources. Then, Quetext will show us a bar with the percentage of plagiarism detected, as well as a list of web pages and articles with texts similar to those in the document.

Beyond the simplicity of the interface, the most remarkable thing about the web is its speed of analysis , much faster and more agile than other options that we have just seen.

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And if you only want to compare two Word documents ...

If we only want to compare a couple of documents in Word or PDF, none of the tools that we have just seen will be worth it. For this purpose, the Google Documents application can solve the ballot perfectly. Of course, through the web platform. At the moment the application for mobile phones and tablets is not supported.

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The first thing we will have to do is export both documents to the Google application or paste the text in two different documents. With the text editor open in one of the documents, we will click on the Toolbar and then on Compare documents .

Now we will only have to select the document with which we want to make the comparison. What Google will do is analyze the text of the two documents to show us a list with all the similarities . In this sense, the application is very similar to the rest of the antiplagios we have seen throughout the article, although it will only be limited to showing us the similarity between two documents locally.